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tBBC Nick Bosa is a Buckeye!

Michael Smith

Nick Bosa is a Buckeye!
Michael Smith
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
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(photo courtesy of 247sports.com)

Nick Bosa really needs very little introduction. He has been on Ohio State’s radar since his older brother Joey Bosa committed to Ohio State. Nick Bosa is a 5 star DE from St. Thomas Aquinas in Fort Lauderdale, FL. As I said earlier he is the younger brother of Joey Bosa who just finished his 3 year career at Ohio State. Nick was very highly recruited around the country. He is the #1 ranked DE recruit in the country and #8 overall. Nick had offers from Alabama, Clemson, Florida St, Michigan St, Miami FL, Notre Dame, Florida, and many more. He always said his recruitment was wide open, but in the end everyone knew he would end up a Buckeye.

Nick is said to have even more talent than his older brother, which is scary. He has the size and speed at DE that defensive coaches dream of, and offensive coaches have nightmares from. Nick did suffer a big injury to his knee during his Senior year, there is some question on if he can be ready to play his Freshman season at Ohio State. Once healthy there’s little doubt that Nick will be Ohio State’s starting DE from day 1.

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