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NFL Buckeyes Tracker 11-14-2023 update = 61 NFL Buckeyes - 37 starters


Will Bryant
Staff member
11-14-2023 update = 61 NFL Buckeyes - 37 starters

AFC North

J.K. Dobbins#, Malik Harrison (Baltimore Ravens)
Sam Hubbard (Cincinnati Bengals)
Ronnie Hickman, Dawand Jones, Tanner McCalister*, Tommy Togiai*, Denzel Ward, Luke Wypler (Cleveland Browns)
Cameron Heyward# (Pittsburgh Steelers)

AFC East
Eli Apple, Jerome Baker (Miami Dolphins)
Ezekiel Elliott, Raekwon McMillan#, Shaun Wade (New England Patriots)
Jalyn Holmes*, Jeremy Ruckert, Garrett Wilson (New York Jets)

AFC South
Noah Brown, Cameron Johnston, C.J. Stroud (Houston Texans)
Tyquan Lewis, Trey Sermon (Indianapolis Colts)
Luke Farrell, Davon Hamilton, (Jacksonville Jaguars)
Nicholas Petit-Frere (Tennessee Titans)

AFC West
Baron Browning
, Jonathon Cooper (Denver Broncos)
Thayer Munford (Las Vegas Raiders)
Joey Bosa, Corey Linsley^, Nick Vannett (Los Angeles Chargers)

NFC North
Justin Fields
(Chicago Bears)
Taylor Decker, Jonah Jackson, Jake McQuaide (Detroit Lions)
Michael Jordan*, Josh Myers (Green Bay Packers)

NFC East
Johnathan Hankins, Malik Hooker,
Billy Price* (Dallas Cowboys)
Parris Campbell (New York Giants)
Bradley Roby (Philadelphia Eagles)
Terry McLaurin, Curtis Samuel (Washington Commanders)

NFC South
Zach Harrison, Liam McCullough, Jeff Okudah (Atlanta Falcons)
Vonn Bell (Carolina Panthers)
Marshon Lattimore, Chris Olave, Michael Thomas, Pete Werner (New Orleans Saints)

NFC West
Pat Elflein#, Paris Johnson, Jr. (Arizona Cardinals)
Jordan Fuller (Los Angeles Rams)
Nick Bosa, Chase Young (San Francisco 49ers)
Dre'Mont Jones, Tyreke Smith*, Jaxon Smith-Njigba (Seattle Seahawks)

bold = starter
* = practice squad
> = reserve/did not report
# = reserve/injured
@ = reserve/injured-designated for return
+ = reserve/suspended by commissioner
% = reserve/suspended by club
^ = reserve/non-football injury
/ = reserve/physically unable to perform
$ = reserve/retired
& = reserve/future
< = reserve/opt out
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Thump said:
Great post but I thought that Bellisari was cut this past offseason.

Yep, it's still a work in progress.

Just made the following changes;

Steve Bellisari
Courtland Bullard
James Cotton
Tam Hopkins
Central McClellion
Michael Wiley

Ken-Yon Rambo - Jets
David Thompson - Rams (NFLEu Rhein Fire)
Rob Murphy - 49ers
Chris Vance - Saints

Bryce Bishop UFA Titans
Scott McMullen UFA Eagles

Still working on AFL/AFL2, CFL, NFLEu and 'other' players.
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Clarity, I see where you have a question mark after Dimitrious Stanley's name regarding what channel he works for. Obviously in the grand schme of things it doesn't matter but if you want to know he works for WSYX Channel 6.

Very impressive list!!
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Thanks to all 3 of you. Making those changes now.

Only news I've seen recently out of the pros are guys missing practices due to various injuries. Hartsock, Boston, Plummer and a few others have all be mentioned.

There was a bit about the Saints moving LeCharles to Center this year, and the Bills are really impressed with Tim Anderson.
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Buckskin86 said:
Clarity, another name for you. Raymont Harris is a sports radio host in Chicago and he will commute back to C-bus in the fall to host a weekend Buckeye show on 1460 radio.

Thanks, updating now. Not sure how I missed a new post on this thread.

In other news;

Cie Grant is in a 3-way competition for the starting MLB spot with the Saints with Courtney Watson and Orlando Ruff. If Cie or Courtney win the spot, expect Ruff to be backup MLB, and the other to be backup at WILL.

Orlando Pace doesn't have a new contract and is not attending minicamp with the Rams.

Ben Hartsock finished at OSU early, and is the first drafted Buckeye to join their team's summer practice camp.

On Joey Galloway, Jon Gruden said "The speed is different. It's rare. We're excited about having him here. We really are. He's a natural fit.... He's a nasty player. He runs after the catch, he's physical and he's extremely fast." Joey will also be returning punts for the Bucs this season.

LeChuck has a knee injury and has been limited to non-contact in practice.

Contract talks continue for Eddie, still possible he doesn't play for the Titans this year.

Miami keeps maintaining Boston is too "muscled up", DB and his trainer contend that losing weight would be counter productive. Either way, Wannstedt has been hedging his bet on Boston with comments like "he's going to have to prove himself", etc.

Mike Doss seems to have recovered from a high ankle sprain, and is expected to practice in the Summer camps.
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