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New Sopranos won't air until 2006!


I give up. This board is too hard to understand.
WTF? Is anyone going to care about it after another long layoff. At least they will air season 2 of Deadwood in it's place.


No 'Sopranos' Until 2006

Mon Jul 26, 2:52 PM ET

NEW YORK - No "Sopranos" family members will get knocked off in 2005. That's because HBO has announced Thursday that the sixth and final season of the popular mob drama won't premiere until sometime in 2006.

"It's like the Harry Potter (news - web sites) book," HBO chairman Chris Albrecht said last week. "You'll wait very long and be happy when you get it."

Albrecht said "The Sopranos" creator and executive producer David Chase can take all the time he needs to write, hinting the final season could become longer than the 10 episodes Chase committed to in January.

"The Sopranos" wrapped up its fifth season last month.

"Until the last episode of `The Sopranos` airs, I'm always hopeful," Albrecht said.

Other HBO shows that will live on include a fifth season of Larry David's comedy "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and sophomore seasons of the dark dramas "Carnivale" and "Deadwood."
A little off topic but does anyone know when the 5th season comes out on dvd? We don't get HBO and are always a season behind.
My wife and I will rent two dvd's and watch about 7 or 8 episodes on a Saturday night! Sure beats waiting a week for one episode.
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Oh, let me save you some time Ashland. Here is what happened this season...

Actually, I will care and I almost prefer that they draw it out.

The last season will be like that last piece of pizza. You want it, but once you eat it you know it will be gone. Except you can order another pizza, but you can't order more Sopranos. Then again, they are both Italian in origin - and in fact they often eat pizza on episodes of teh Sopranos. But you can't get Sopranos with extra cheese, and I really like extra cheese. And sometimes on Sopranos you get stuff you don't like or didn't expect - kinda like ordering mushroom and sausage and getting anchovies. Also, I like to watch reruns of Sopranos just like I like to eat leftover pizza. But my favorite time to eat leftover pizza is for breakfast, and who wants to watch Ralphie get his head cut off first thing in the morning, so maybe this isn't such a good anology after all....

The last season will be like that last beer you have left on a camping trip when you are way far away from a carry out......
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Off topic a bit, but:

I loved Carnivale. Loved it. My favorite show. Okies, dust bowl, historical and literary, and a fantasy twist. (I am a big fantasy fan.)

Deadwood is good too. Between the two I can wait for Sopranos.
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