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LGHL New Ohio State facility already $10 million over budget

  • Thread starter Geoff Hammersley
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Geoff Hammersley

New Ohio State facility already $10 million over budget
Geoff Hammersley
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here


Covelli Arena is gonna cost a tad bit more than what was projected back in 2012.

Once again, it has been another eventful day in Ohio State athletics. Buildings are over budget (and construction hasn't even started yet), one Buckeye draftee gets praise from a Super Bowl winning teammate and a top recruit trims his potential college home down to six – and Ohio State is one of them.

"Almost as soon as we started the design process it became clear (both facilities were) budget-challenged,”

Lynn Readey, associate VP of Facilities Ops. and Development (reported by Tom Knox, Columbus Business First)

Like any new building or project, there are costs associated. Sometimes, those projects go over budget.

In the case of Ohio State athletics, a new arena, the Covelli Multi-Sport Arena, and the Student-Athlete Development Center are both over budget.

To the tune of roughly $10 million a pop.

How did the projects get over budget? According to the piece by Knox, cost projections were made in 2012, and are outdated. Labor prices and material prices have gone in the ballpark of 5 percent to 7 percent, as said by Readey.

Once built, the Covelli Arena will take over for the sports that call St. John Arena home. St. John Arena has been an iconic fixture on campus, as skull sessions take place there before every Buckeye home football game.

However, age has taken its toll on St. John Arena. Without real air conditioning, some events inside SJA feel as if the ghosts of the old Boston Garden have visited, making sure people today realize what life was like before AC became a staple.

The new buildings will go hand-in-hand with the current revitalizing of campus. Projects going over budget happen. Let's just hope it doesn't end like something out of the Pentagon Wars .

"His improvement over these six practices has been awesome,"

Drew Brees on Michael Thomas (as written by NFL.com's Kevin Patra)

He was a big time receiver at Ohio State. Now, Michael Thomas is showing that he can be big time in the NFL.

Since OTAs have started, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees has seen what Thomas is capable of doing, and he's impressed.

"From Day 1 until now, the same mistakes are not being made," said Brees of Thomas' improvements.

This season, Brees has Thomas to help on a receiving core that already has touchdown magnet Marques Colston. If Thomas is as advertised, look for a breakout rookie season in the Big Easy.

Ohio State Buckeyes performing well in OTAs just doesn't happen for the Saints. In Dallas, former Buckeye offensive weapon Ezekiel Elliott is showing that he too can compete on the the professional level.

"Narrowing it down... TOP 6!"

Tate Martell on Twitter

The 5-star recruit out of Las Vegas has limited the scope as to where he'll play college football. The No.1 ranked dual-threat QB posted a graphic that showed the finalist in the Tate Martell sweepstakes.

Narrowing it down... TOP 6!
•WEST VIRGINIA pic.twitter.com/kxGbx4ZxLw

— Tate Martell (@TheTateMartell) June 3, 2016

The Bishop Gorman product has been highlighted heavily within the last week on Land-Grant Holy Land. You can catch up on his recruitment from the past week here and here.

Also keep in mind: Ohio State is still a top three target for Kellen Mond.

Regardless, it looks pretty good for Ohio State on the quarterback side of things. It's almost as if the head ball coach in Columbus is a quarterback guru.


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