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New Jets Stadium Today?


Wash me
Staff member
Outside my office is a big stage, with big speakers.

Today is the day I hear.

I am not sure how much play the proposed new stadium has gotten nationwide, but it has been a huge issue here.

Protestors and supporters are staging big rallies outside with police barriers and everything. I believe the final word comes out today.

I am off to buy some water balloons. . .
Quick Summary:

One of the most contested new stadiums in history. It would be the new home of the Jets (currently playing in NJ) and give NFL presence on Manhattan. It would cost the city $600 million, and cost over one billion overall. Also, the city would give it sweetheart deals on land, etc. Bloomberg and his rich friends are heavily for it. It would also be connected to a new convention center, or used as one.

Perhaps most importantly to some, it is the hallmark of the NYC bid for the Olympics. Without it we have no shot.

There were TONS of ads against the stadium, pointing out we are cutting firefighters, old folks homes, police, schools, etc. (NYC has been low on cash since 9/11). However, almost all of these ads were paid by the MSG group - or Madison Square Garden. Of course Madison Square Garden would lose out with a new big neighbor - which is to be built close to it off the West Side Highway in midtown by the Hudson.

Eventually, however, it seems many (most? some? hard to tell) hate the stadium because public services are being slashed and NYC has no $$. Also, no new parking, etc. is to be built and where the hell are these people going to go? How will commutes change? Blah blah.

Very contentious here. Front page news on all the daily papers all the time. Is it for the rich? The olympics? Sports fans?

That's the deal. :)

Edit: They just put up a stage out of this trailer thing right under my window. I hope I get the protestors on my stage-- they are more fun to watch than the ralliers. :) (I work by the MTA offices).

I realize this probably isn't exciting for anyone else or outside NYC. . .
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I live in and work in Manhattan also, it has become a bit of a circus over this stadium. Frankly i think it would be good for sports and bad for the City. Being a sport's fan and a Buckeye fan i am for it with hopes seeing the Buckeyes playing close to home.. imo
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I really don't know. I see how the money thing sucks, but it would be cool to have a nice stadium/convention thing over on the west side. (The city claims (or used to) that it will make money, as cities always do with stadiums. . .) Also - I don't live there, so I don't care as much about the traffic. Supposedly the idea is people will only use the subway to go to the games. This is true for most stuff in the city, but the Jets also have a ton of Jersey fans. . .

Anyway, I think it would be cool and I think the Olympics would be good for NYC and the "mood" of the city. Would be a kick. I guess I am kinda for it, but I have no real stake in the matter, unlike many.

Oh-- one thing I forgot. Jets tickets are pretty much sold out for like 10 years, so really the stadium is being built for a group of people, not the city. It's not like anyone can even go see them unless they are already part of the club. Who knows how much of all these "facts" flying around are true, though.

The people outside my window are construction workers rallying for the stadium. Hopefully they get rowdy. . .
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Thump said:
Isn't Paris pretty much a lock for the 2012 Olympics?

That's been the consensus. NYC hasn't so much made it a battle as it has at least gotten in the race. There is a big Olympic push by the city, and at the same time Paris had all their workers flip out and protest about not getting 2 hour lunches or something when the committee was visiting and evaluating the city. So some say NYC has a shot now: say 2% without the stadium and maybe 30% with, or something. . .

Of course the Olympic thing could be a ruse to build stadium support. . .
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