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For starters he is just got out of jail (again)

Lisa Left Eye Lopez was supposed going to be one of the first artists to drop an album and then she passed away.

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Long-awaited album is the first all-new Death Row Records release since 1996

Though he has spent the last couple of years making his mark on the Silver Screen, starring with actors like Harrison Ford and Kurt Russell in, respectively, HOLLYWOOD HOMICIDE and DARK BLUE, renowned Death Row rapper Kurupt hasn't forgotten his roots. In fact, on June 29, 2004, his brand-new CD, KURUPT - AGAINST THE GRAIN, debuts on Death Row Records, offering the high-energy yet brutally honest harmonies that fans have come to expect from Tha Dogg Pound cofounder and, as declared by ROLLING STONE magazine, incomparable "West Coast rhyme warrior."

"This really is a historic recording for both Kurupt and Death Row Records," notes Suge Knight, the label's famed founder and CEO. "It's the first all-new album from a Death Row artist since 1996, and for Kurupt, it's a return to the classic Dogg Pound sound. Longtime fans know that Kurupt and Death Row Records are synonymous with high-quality, hard-edged music. KURUPT - AGAINST THE GRAIN further solidifies that reputation, fusing classic rap rhymes with cutting-edge sentiments."

KURUPT - AGAINST THE GRAIN represents a significant milestone for the company, and Death Row Records continues to remain committed to issuing the finest rap music, with upcoming projects scheduled for release from Danny Boy, Eastwood and Spider. Further information on Kurupt, KURUPT - AGAINST THE GRAIN and Death Row Records is available at http://www.deathrowrecords.net.


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