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New Article from O-State columnist JWil


Administrator Emeritus
JWil, columnist for the O-State board has posted the 1st installment of a 3-part article exchange between our 2 sites. Please check it out (in the Blog/Article system-link below), and let's give JWil some feedback on the Oklahoma State Traditions. My thanks to JWil.

Additionally, jlb1705 has posted his "mirrored" articles in the Blog/Article system as well. These are running on the O-State board for the OK State fans on that site. Please check out jlb's work as well (links below).


The history and tradition of Oklahoma State sports


Ohio State Traditions: Buckeye Football

Ohio State Traditions: The Band, the Music, and Game-day Atmosphere

Ohio State Traditions: Buckeye Symbols & Icons
A long-ago tradition the Oklahoma State fans...

can identify with...since they have a high profile in animal husbandry:

I need an old TBDBITL member to help me here. While attending Buckeye home games in the mid-50's, when Ohio State would score a TD, one band member, sitting on the shoulders of an other band member, would vigorously wave an actual bull's penis (dried) around and over his head. As time passed, I understand the "tradition" died a PC death.

Can any fellow old-timers confirm this yesteryear tradition by our BAND?

BTW, this is no bull.
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Buckeye articles on Oklahoma State website

I am registered on the Oklahoma State site and was looking for our articles there (Buckeye traditions and the other 2 articles) but I haven't been able to find them there. Can you direct me where to look? I am curious to read your fans' reactions to our history. Thanks!
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LA, you can find the articles on a section of their front page called Bowl Central. Actually the front page is a link to the Bowl Central section where they will be running many other additional articles leading up to the bowl. There is no function to reply to the articles on their site. So, you need to look through the forums to find discussion about the articles.
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I just posted a "Thoughts on Bowl Central content" post on the main board right now, so hopefully by tonight, you'll have some talk about the reactions to the Ohio State stuff.

Just as a note: My Oklahoma State season review will be up tonight. Then I'll have the scouting report for tOSU up hopefully by Weds. I'm taking my time with it so as not to look stupid. lol
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