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Need an Avatar (name pic)?


Staff member
Tourney Pick'em Champ
Not sure if all of you have seen this or not, but I'll post it here just in case a few of you newer guys (who would probably need one) would be interested:

I have been working on making avatars for a number of people on this site. Basically I'm offering to make them for people in exchange for a vCash donation (so far they've ranged from 25-100, totally up to the person).

See this site for more info and for examples of works I've done:

Send me a PM (private message, by clicking on my name and going to 'private message') if you are interested. There are some premade ones available for purchase (you can gobble up a couple for future usage, I had a guy do that yesterday), or you can supply some ideas for what you would like to appear.