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NCAA: Several big-name teams fail new academic test


with hat in hand
From USAToday:

Not the whole article, but some highlights =
By the numbers

The NCAA Monday released the first academic progress rates for its 236 Division I schools, measuring their success in retaining scholarship athletes and keeping them eligible in each sport.

The big picture: 183 of the 326 schools (56%) had at least one program deemed substandard by the NCAA.

Top five schools: 27 of Yale's 29 sports teams scored a perfect 1,000. Loyola (Md.) had 12 of 15, Colgate 19 of 24, William & Mary 14 of 19, Holy Cross 19 of 26.

Top five I-A schools: 15 of Duke's 24 teams scored 1,000. Tulane had nine of 15, Notre Dame 13 of 22, Rice seven of 12, Ball State 12 of 21.

Well more than half of the schools in Division I — 183 of 326 — had at least one sport with a subpar academic progress rate (APR). Football, baseball and men's basketball were the biggest problem areas. The Big 12 took perhaps the biggest conference-wide hit with none of its member schools getting passing grades across the board.
Several versions of this article are avaliable in 3yardsandacloud's news links on the Planets front page, f.e.
http://www.wbns10tv.com/Global/story.asp?S=2997245 covers more from the Buckeyes point of view.
From what I can tell, we are doing o.k., borderline stuff.

(wonder how our basketball program would be doing if we weren't currently suspended?)