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NCAA Compliance Issues Cited Since 2000


I've always liked them
NCAA Compliance Issues Cited Since 2000

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The Columbus Dispatch reported Saturday that former Ohio State basketball coach Jim O'Brien was given poor grades for NCAA compliance on at least three annual evaluations.

In evaluations dating to June 2000, associate athletics director Miechelle Willis wrote that O'Brien did a poor job of filing reports detailing contact with potential recruits.

O'Brien was fired June 8 after admitting he gave $6,000 to a recruit in 1999.

OSU athletic officials require all coaches to file logs with the compliance office during the times when contact with potential recruits is allowed.

In O'Brien's 2003 review, Willis wrote that recruiting documentation did not improve at all in five years.

O'Brien's attorney says he has no knowledge of the evaluations.

These evaluations should be well documented so there should not be much dispute about what they say.

I saw this article the other day and it was the first time I began to question Geiger's role in this. If you have a coach who is not documenting the process and is then found to be violating the rules of that process the problem points higher than just the coach. That doesn't in iteslef imply there was 'loss of instutional control', but items such as this are the kind of things a loss of control case would be founded upon. If (underline IF) major problems are uncovered in the program it would be fair to ask why a coach was allowed to slide for five years in the area of compliance. This is why you require such reports in the first place.
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I can't imagine many established coaches jumping at the OSU hoops opportunity until the extent of the compliance issues is ascertained.

I always liked Obie - defended him many times - and I think his intentions were admirable in the money issue, but he put the entire program at risk, and he knew it at the time. There's no excuse for it, and the consequences will linger at OSU for some time.

This blows.
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