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NCAA 2005 All-Time OSU Code!


NCAA Junkie
To enter the code, select the "My NCAA" option. Select the "Pennant Collection" option, then choose the option to enter codes. Type-in Killer Nuts

Enjoy! I found the code on my second try after Go Bucks :)
I found these too.

Fumble - 2003 All-Americans pennant
Roll Tide - All-Alabama
Go Blue - All-Michigan
Bear Down - Arizona mascot team
War Eagle - Auburn All-Time
Tiburon - Crossed The Line (#203)
Rock Chalk - Kansas mascot team
Geaux tigers - LSU All-Time
Boomer - Oklahoma All-Time
Lets Go Pitt - Pittsburgh All-Time
Ncaa - Stiffed (#220)
Orange Crush - Syracuse All-Time
Football - Take Your Time (#223)
Big Orange - Tennessee All-Time
Hook Em - Texas All-Time
2005 - Thread The Needle (#225)
Blitz - What a Hit pennant
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Go Big Red = Nebraska

Fight On = USC

I found alot of what SCBuck already found. It's pretty easy to get these teams by just using their slogan for alot of them.

Bow Down - Washington
Quack Attack - Oregon
Victory - Kansas State
Go Cats - Northwestern Mascot
Go Green - Mich State Mascot
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All time OSU 17, All time Michigan 0.

That was the score I had last night on varsity level (soon to move up to all american).

George had 140 yards rushing, Griffin had 85. Mich had 72 total yards the entire game.

I can't believe the names on this team.

Schlichter, Kern, Hoying
George, Griffin, Byars, Cassidy, Horvath
Warfield, Carter, Boston, Glenn, Galloway
Pace, Stringer, Parker
Gradishar, Spielman, Katz, Tatum, Doss, Springs, Winfield, Wilkinson, Stillwagon

It's disgusting..it really is
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