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I know a lot of you can't stand the NBA and I must admit I have lost interest over the years. But my intense hatred of the Lakers has brought me back! It was great seeing the Spurs win last year, much to the consternation of David Stern and ABC who saw their rating plummet. I lost a lot of respect for Stern when in the middle of the year, he changed the rules to make the first round best of 7 instead of 5 to help avoid an early round upset of the Lakers.
This year will be interesting. I think it'll come down to the 2nd round matchup of the Spurs and Lakers. The Rockets can't take on the Lakers, but it will be fun to see Yao go after Shack. As much as I admire Kevin Garnett, I can't see the Wolves beating the Spurs or Lakers. I have always rooted for the Kings as they were usually the best chance for the Lakers to lose, but it has been nice to see their team collapse when the hated Webber came back.
gotta agree with most of your thoughts there. i also think the champion will come from the spurs/lakers matchup and, yes, it's great to see webber and the "queens" struggling. as for me, i'll be rooting for Kobe and the lakers
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there was a good humerous article in espn page 2 about a potential Spurs/Pistons series...the end of the NBA as we know it. You think David Stern will sit back and watch the NBA finals be decided by the first team to 70 points? Count on major rule changes in the off-season.
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I'm rooting for anyone playing against the lakers, so the rockets (at least for now) are my team. It was tough seeing my boy Jim Jackson miss that game winning shot tonight, it would have been amazing to see the lakers go down 1 game to 0 at home like that, I couldn't have drawn up a better scinario...but it was not to be. It seams like those last second shots never fall in against the lakers in LA..somebody needs to check the rims there.
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My mavs will hopefully bring us back to the old ABA days where everybody scores more the 100 points. No more of these brick house games that seem to be coming common place in the NBA. There should never be a dull game when Mark Cuban's Mavs are on the court.

The Mongoose
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Dont count out Detroit.
Larry Brown as coach is a pretty good reason to count them out, IMHO. He has had plenty of talent before, and has never won an NBA championship. As my siggy indicates, I love Tayshaun Prince and I will root for the Pistons b/c of that, but I just don't see them being able to take any of the top 4 or so teams in the west.
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I'm watching the Pistons/Bucks game, what's up with Brent's tie? That has to be the ugliest thing in the history of ties. It's red with different colored miniature jerseys on it. Is anybody watching this?
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