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NBA Playoffs- can anyone beat LA


Long Live Mike Doss
I don't like LA... for that matter I don't really like the NBA- but with that said and the way the lakers have been playing can anyone beat them? As much as I like kevin garnet and as good as it's been to see minnesota<ST1:p make it this far in the playoffs I don't think they can handle la, they just don’t match up. As for the eastern conference I'm not sure if they still field basketball teams for compitition anymore so it looks like another LA championship only this year they won't have mark madsen to do his dance. Lakers in 6 over minnesota, Lakers in 5 over the east (whoever it may be)
I can see the Lakers sleep walking again and loosing the first 2, if that happens then possibly the wolves could win the series with a little luck. If they come out and play D, nobody is going to beat them. I thought Detroit might have a chance to beat a western team, but not the lakers they just do not match up well against them.
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