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LGHL National Signing Day 2016: ATH Jahsen Wint signs with Ohio State

Bret Favachio

National Signing Day 2016: ATH Jahsen Wint signs with Ohio State
Bret Favachio
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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The Buckeyes officially reel in Jahsen Wint, their second addition from the Empire State since the arrival of Urban Meyer.

Back in the 2014 recruiting class, the Buckeyes were able to pull a four-star prospect by the name of Curtis Samuel out of Erasmus Hall High School in Brooklyn, New York. Two years later, head coach Urban Meyer and Ohio State officially welcome '16 ATH Jahsen Wint, who also played at Erasmus Hall, as he put pen to pad and signed with the Scarlet and Gray moments ago.

The recruitment of Wint was a relatively quiet one to start. The 5'11, 186-pounder originally committed to Temple over Massachusetts and Syracuse back in August of last year. In the coming months, Ohio State would jump into the mix as they began showing interest in the New York prospect. Despite not having an offer from the Buckeyes at the time, Wint took an official visit to the Columbus campus in the middle of December and it certainly paid off for him. A coveted piece of Owls head coach Matt Rhule's recruiting class departed from the Ohio State campus with an offer in hand.

Following the offer from the Buckeyes, other programs tried to quickly jump into the picture. Boston College, Penn State, and Rutgers would extend an opportunity to Wint and on Christmas Eve, he would back off of his pledge to Temple and hit the open market again. Despite the efforts from other programs, it wasn't enough to make Wint think twice about becoming a Buckeye. On January 2nd, Wint announced his commitment to the Buckeyes and in just a few months, he will make his way to the university.

Wint is graded out as a three-star prospect in the class and the second best player in the state of New York. While his national ranking (882nd) may not be eye-opening, it's clear that the Ohio State staff sees the potential for Wint to become a nice player in Columbus. Also, while being ranked as the 61st overall athlete in the class, Wint is widely expected to make his living at the safety position for the Buckeyes.

Scouting report

Jahsen Wint comes from the same high school as Curtis Samuel, Erasmus Hall in Brooklyn, New York and plays a physical style of football. Wint is built like a weight room warrior (5'11, 186 pounds) and hits like one too. He looks like a safety and could bulk up even more to play in the box. Overall, Wint is a shifty, physical player who could transform into a special teams ace and eventually crack the two-deep at safety within the next few seasons. - Christopher Jason

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