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N. Illinois added to 2006 schedule


Serenity now
06 schedule

Sort of odd that the location is listed as TBA. With one road game in Austin, I can't imagine playing only 5 in Cbus.

Sat 09/02/2006 Northern Illinois TBA TBA
Sat 09/09/2006 Texas Austin, Texas TBA
Sat 09/16/2006 Cincinnati Columbus, Ohio TBA
Sat 09/23/2006 Penn State Columbus, Ohio TBA
Sat 09/30/2006 Iowa Iowa City, Iowa TBA
Sat 10/14/2006 Michigan State East Lansing, Mich. TBA
Sat 10/21/2006 Indiana Columbus, Ohio TBA
Sat 10/28/2006 Minnesota Columbus, Ohio TBA
Sat 11/04/2006 Illinois Champaign, Ill. TBA
Sat 11/11/2006 Northwestern Evanston, Ill. TBA
Sat 11/18/2006 Michigan Columbus, Ohio TBA
They could be waiting to see if they make the 12 game schedule permanent. If they have a 2, 3 or 4:1 deal, they could wait and assign the 1 until they know what the game number will be, but you're right, they will never leave themselves with only 5 home games.
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Why would we ever agree to play N. Ill anywhere but the Shoe when so many teams would be tickled to play here? I am guessing/hoping this is listed TBA because they simply because whoever wrote it didn't have the location in whatever he was referenceing.
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I gotta feel Oh8ch has the right idea.

Somebody probably was putting out the news and thought, "damn, of course this must be in the Shoe, but it doesn't say in my note here, so I better be safe and accurate to what I have so far."
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We'd never agree to play at Northern Illinois in DeKalb. The only reason to play in the Chicago area at all (like Soldier Field) would be to develop the recruiting pipeline a little.

But we already play in Evanston almost every other year.
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crap. no wait... awesome.... aww crap.. who to root for!?!? crap. dang. i need one of those twin split hats!!!!

they don't want the huskies in DeKalb - ...last one there was Maryland.. GOODNIGHT..... oh wait..... on the raod you say? alabama HELLO!
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Maybe not....


Despite published reports, NIU’s football team has not finalized a deal to play Ohio State in 2006.

The deal, however, is not out of question but likely would not happen in 2006 — as was reported — if it did occur, NIU associate athletics director Robert Collins said.

“I don’t have anything on the dotted line,” Collins said.

In the 2003 NIU football media guide, Louisiana State University is listed as a tentative opponent in 2006. Collins said that NIU would not play LSU and Ohio State in the same year.

Both games, if played, would be on the road for the Huskies, which would generate $500,000 to $1 million for NIU from the opposing school, Collins said.
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