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HTTR Forever.

Block O honors the great Orlas King.


Barry Alvarez walks on the field for pregame.


AJ Trapasso warms up the boom stick.


Boeckman and Smith warm up the guns in case they are needed. Good news: Zwick remained healthy Bad news: Zwick took every snap.


It was great seeing the return of Block O. They never disappoint.


BN was in the house.


I was late on the trigger, but Robby Schoenhoft was at the game. (white hat)


Pittman gets shoved out of bounds after a huge gain.


The Bucks line up following the the big gain. The drive produces a Nugent field goal.


The Cheerleaders try to administer CPR to a crowd suffering shock.


BuckeyePlanet representing in the RV lot. HB (white shirt) had good party for his birthday despite the outcome of the game. His girlfriend (Scarlet O'Buckeye) was a wonderful girl. Congrats you guys. My fat ass is front center and fellow parking staff member Donnell is on my left. JDub and Albi were there too. All are future BP posters.

For those who didn't show, you missed a great time. The steaks were fucking awesome and the beer was cold.
bucknut11 said:
In the picture w/ Rob S... who is the kid with the Penn Hills jacket on? Is that Lyons' younger brother? King, perhaps? I'm too lazy to look it up.
Probably. I didn't see his name tag. There were a lot of recruits there. I just didn't get a snap shot of all of them.

I was distracted by this:

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