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First I want to give everyone a shout out and say hello. I'm a newcomer to this board coming from Bucknuts and really like what I see here. Most of the time I will just read and observe post, but I will occasionally add my thoughts to subjects as well. Unfortunately for you guys, this is one of those times.

With the strength of schedule being factored out of the B.C.S. this year and human polls having more weight, do you see Tressel running up the score more this year? I know one game does not make a trend, but I was really surprised Tressel called that last T.D. play from Smith to Holmes. We were up by eleven and a f.g. would have put us by two t.d.'s. Their offense was having zero success on us and we were pretty much doing whatever we wanted against them, so why go for the throat. Don't get me wrong, I agreed with it and enjoyed it, but I wondered if Tress would have done this in the past. History shows us he usually takes the foot of the pedal instead of closing games out like he did Saturday, resulting in close games.

So my question to the board is, Do we see more running up of the score this year to impress voters?
Or are we seeing that he knows he has to close games out this year and can't have close games because this is a young team and doesn't know how they wil respond in tight situations.
I think it's a combination of the two, but what does everytone else think?

Well I don't see OSU blowing anyone out of the water for points. Tressel I don't think would do that. ( I wish he would to certain teams tho). I think he'll play it safe alot and we'll finish with a record betten 11-0/and 9-2 (no more than 2 losses). GO BUCKS
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I don't believe Tress will ever be the kind of coach to run up the score in a game, even if we were capable, he is a class act and I think he could care less about impressing voters, because the bottom line is if OSU would win all of their games, they would most likely be playing for the trophy at the end of the year, history has shown us this, call me old school but that is my opinion.

I like good sportsmanship.
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I think we will see some high scores and lopsided victories this year (and the next few). But I don't think it's a matter of Tressel running up the score. I think it's more a matter that we are so deep and our 2s and 3s are so good that, when they get in the game, they are going to want to score. Tressel won't be able to hold them back.
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What was the score at that point? 17-6 or something? I don't think that tossing a TD there is running up the score in any imaginable way, but after the past two seasons, I can see how we could think that! There is a big difference between that call and making the same call in a 42-3 game.

It's my view that given the opportunity to lock in a victory, any coach will (and should). We haven't had a lot of those opportunities lately, but I expect that we will this season.
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I don't think Tressel is that kind of classless coach either to run up a score like 77-0 over Rice even though I do miss some of those days:) . Maybe I used the wrong wording, not so much run up the score, but padd it a little bit making it a more comfortable score. The fact is most of the pollsters don't watch the game and either looks at the final score or the highlights to see how these teams are doing. Tress is smart enough to know this. So if we have scores like we have in the past barely beating a team, but winning ;the posters and the media blast us. Since the strength of schedule no longer exist we can no longer count on it to boost our B.cS. ranking. It has already been mentioned that a one loss Miami or Florida team would be more attractive to posters and the media then an undefeated O.S.U. team. Tress see this and know this, and knows beating Cinci 27-6 is alot more impressive than winning 17-6 or 20-6. There will also be alot more highlights of the game with more offensive scoring getting more of the pollsters and coaches attention. I don't think this is classless on Tressel's part, but more of a neccessary evil on how the game is played today.
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brnz, I understand your logic, but they're never going to take any 1 loss team over an undefeated team from a BCS conference. Even WVU will make the OB this year if their only competition is a 1 loss BCS team. Remember in 2002, how the whole of the media felt Iowa was the better team, but OSU still remained #2 in the polls because of that 1 that the Hawkeyes had in the L column. If OSU is undefeated, they're going to play for the NC, so I wouldn't worry about style points.
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