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My OSU vs scUM Tickets back on the block


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BuckeyeNation27 was going to buy them, but couldn't find anyone else to travel out here from Middleofnowhere, PA with him for the game...

If anyone would still like them they can e-mail or PM me

Section 11A, Row 26 Seats 10 and 11

They're student tickets, but I will upgrade them for you (included in the price of the tickets)...I'd like to make some money (can't let my puppy...or my wife...starve :biggrin:), but I'm ok with selling them well under the ebay/scalper price, because I'd prefer to sell to OSU fans...I'd prefer if you were in the Central Ohio area as well so we can do an exchange beforehand (in case it falls through I'd be able to find someone else) and because I lack paypal

Edit: If posting ticket ads is frowned upon lemme know and I'll close it, thanks. I'll wait a while for offers and post if there is a taker sometime tomorrow after I get back from class (530 or 6) most likely
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Especially if I didn't get back to you...I got a ton of PMs, my inbox is a mess :)

And I've been writing a paper for history that is due tomorrow morning, so my mind is a great big jumble right now.
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Guys, holy crap!

Just contacted by Mark May and Maurice Clarret, they're buying my tickets...

...that is unless someone else does!

Looks like another deal might fall through, I'm going to PM some of the others that messaged me earlier and they'll get dibs, but just an FYI

I'd definitely prefer to deal with someone in Central Ohio so that I can get the tickets to them in advance and not have a deal fall through Saturday morning at 11am...so please don't PM me if you are more than an hour or so away (or unwilling to meet me about an hour away) before Friday evening
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