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My bracket is already gone to hell

Gonzaga needs to be the cinderella... not the favorite. They'll need a year or two to get used to being a higher seed.

I though MSU would at least get to the sweet 16... at least Illinois is up by 15 on Cincy, hopefully it stays that way.
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The UAB-Kent. game might have been my favorite to watch. Two very well coached teams.

My least favorite might have been the Wisc.-Pitt game. I felt that Wisc. gave that game away. I bet N.C.State is a little more than a bit upset.
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ok... admittedly i didnt follow basketball too closely this season what the bucks having it rough and getting shipped over seas and all but i am actually used to WINNING local brackets at least... im down to 6 out of 16 teams left.. and 5 of my elite 8 are already gone.. this is by far the single worst bracket i have ever filled out..
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