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My 1st post and I have a question.......


I have lurked for the second half of the season and finally decided to register and post a query.
First, great job by the Buckeyes, once again another bowl game surrounded in controversy and yet the Buckeyes win again.

3-1 Vs. Meatchicken
3-1 Vs. Bowl Games

The guy gets it.

So here I was sitting in the dentists office enduring a root canal, lucky for me the ol tooth puller has a T.V. sitting right by me.
I was listening to ESPN ramble on and on, after about 3 minutes i had enough, I throw my hand up in the air, the doc stops what he is doing and asks what is wrong, i say i have had enough and proceed to turn off the television.
I then told him i would rather finish our appointment minus the anthesia than continue listening to the libel and slander being flung like so much bovine effluvia.

If we is wrong we shall pay.

Now my question,
Since when did ESPN radio hosts get to decide who plays in the NFL?
I listened to someone on the spot occupied by Dan Patrick today.
Inbetween killing tOSU this guy kept on just crying that NFL coaches and the guys who own the teams have no right to hold out players in otherwise meaningless games.
Did this guy just fall off the turnip truck?
I believe this has been happening for welll...... forever?
methinks he has been put up to this by the ESPN brass, whine and moan not because of the real reason but because of competitive balance.

I suspect the real reason has to do with ratings... Who is going to watch a game if one team is going to treat it as a meaningless preseason game?

Seems to me the owner who has his/her jack on the line and the coach whose job is at stake ought to be the ones making the decisions.

Just my .25 pence
espn has morphed into a media bully. They have a robust sport media position, control a high per cent of visual content and plague the video/radio airways with 18-hour diatribes. Over time this essential command of sport media has allowed espn producers/managers to manufacture any story that commands controversy. If espn only reports that which supports their position, who is to demand fair, objective reportage? Until espn has a rival sport media which counters much of their controversial reporting, they will continue to pump bilge water.

Much of the espn comments on Buckeyes/MC/Geiger/Tressel was pure opinion based upon speculation. I thought some of May's and the Nebraska cornholer's statements on JT and AG were absolutely bush league and uncalled for. My guess is: they read what a program producer puts on the monitor.
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SanClementeBuck said:
I thought some of May's and the Nebraska cornholer's statements on JT and AG were absolutely bush league and uncalled for. My guess is: they read what a program producer puts on the monitor.
Disagree here. IMO Mays and Alberts have received so much trash talk from tOSU fans (emails, chat sessions, etc) that they look for any reason to stir the fire some more. They realize what a passionate and often obsessive fanbase we possess. The more they rile us up, the higher the reaction which will then spurn ratings as we stay glued to the television to see what they will say next.

I'm not buying the ESPN witchhunt anymore...I was all for it at first, but when the program keeps giving them ammunition, the smoke/fire argument grows legs. In no way do I believe JT or AG is dirty, but when you are not a tOSU fanatic like we are, it is a valid viewpoint to see serious issues in this program.

Just like Herbie, these two have a job to promote ratings. They are doing just that and our reactions work well in that strategy.
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