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tBBC MVB: Ohio State Buckeyes win sixteenth straight to clinch MIVA Title

Joe Dexter

MVB: Ohio State Buckeyes win sixteenth straight to clinch MIVA Title
Joe Dexter
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
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(Photo Courtesy of Ohio State Athletics)

Everyone knows the long history of Ohio State football being dominant. Recently, the wrestling program has shown what it takes to be a national champion and competitor.

Many programs have been able to build up their prestige through competition at Ohio State.

None are at the level of the Buckeye men’s volleyball team.

Ohio State picked up their sixteenth consecutive victory on Saturday — a 3-0 (25-19, 25-22, 25-23) match win over Lindenwood.

The Buckeyes attacked at a rate of nearly 35 percent, and used 44 kills to pick up their eighth sweep since Feb. 12 — ending Lindenwood’s season and picking up their first outright MIVA title since 2011 — in front of a crowd of 841 at St. John Arena.

Miles Johsnon scored 14 points for the Bucks. Twelve of those points came on kills and two came on service aces.

Freshman setter Sanil Thomas added 38 assists. The majority of those were to Nicolas Szerszen, who nailed 16 kills on 27 errorless swings.

Ohio State’s current 16-match winning streak is the longest vs. Division I-II opponents since 1998, when Ohio State tallied 20 consecutive victories.

It’s the longest streak since OSU’s run to a national title in 2011, when they won 17 straight to end the season.

Overall, the Buckeyes have won a MIVA-best 25 regular season championships all time.

They will wrap up the MIVA docket later today against Quincy. The conference tournament bracket is already set though, as Ohio State will host IPFW next Sunday at 7 p.m. ET.

The top eight teams in the conference qualify for the tournament. The semifinals will be held on Apr. 20. With the Championship slated for the following Saturday.

Head coach Pete Hanson has led his squad to a 24-3 record on the season, with a 14-1 conference mark.

Loyola Chicago and Ball State find themselves in second place in the conference at 12-4 in the MIVA.

Loyola defeated Lewis in the national championship final a year ago to defend their first ever championship in 2014.

The winner of the MIVA receives an automatic qualification into the National Collegiate Men’s Volleyball Championships. It’s one of four conferences that receives an automatic bid.

The two other teams selected are at-large bids, as selected by the NCAA Men’s Volleyball Committee.

The top-two seeds receive automatic berths into the semifinals, while the last four seeds compete via play-in matches.

The Buckeyes are seeking their first National Championship since 2011, when they defeated UC Santa Barbara 3-2 at Penn State.

The Nittany Lions will also play host to the NC Volleyball Championships in 2016.

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