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Most underrated NFL players...

William Henderson... FB with the Packers. Green would not the yards he does without him. He can block, run the ball in short yardage and catch the ball in the flat. The guy is a machine.
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Willie McGinest. He doesn't get the pub, but he makes a million clutch plays.

Derick Mason. He doesn't get the accolades of a "big-time" receiver, but he's steady, produces consistently, and can return punts.

Brian Westbrook. He's like all the VIkings backs, only with better and more consistent numbers. Reid actually likes to run once in a while now.

Mushin Muhammad. Back from the dead.
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Keith Brooking and Patrick Kerney are very underrated and Brooking has been to a SB and a 3 time Pro Bowler.

Kerney is the equivalent to the NFC's Jason Taylor but he got no air time till this season cause how good the falcons are doing.


Can you guys tell that I am a Falcons Fan yet?
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Alan Faneca is a great lineman. He's been to 3 (I think) Pro Bowls, so maybe he doesn't qualify as underrated.

Jimmy Smith, Curtis Martin and James Farrior are 3 guys I think of being underrated.
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Easy, there, Stalker. :wink2:

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