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Most Underrated Buckeye?


To me there is no doubt. Its Bobby Carpenter. Hes been 1 or 2 in tackles both games and still gets to love. All off-season we heard about our LB's but he got little mention. Hawk got the majority (deservingly so) and Mike D'Andrea then u heard about the two transfers Schlegel and Kerr, and even about all everything freshman Marcus Freeman. And then, oh yeah, returning starter Carpenter. He has been all over the place this season. You still wont hear much about him but he will continue to be making play after play. Keep it up Carp!!!
The guy that gets almost zero pub that means so much to this team is long snapper Kyle Andrews. Without Andrews over the last couple of years, Nuge, Sander and Groom might have struggled. And that would have cost us about 7 or 8 games. If not more.
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I agree but don't forget...

Nick Mangold. He was a great leader and offensive lineman are always underrated. He one every offensive lineman awarded in college football and went in the 1st round to the jets. Even when he was drafted an analyst for ESPN said the jets reached for him. Then in the NFL he was a major part of the jets going from the 3rd worst record to a playoff team.
I can't disagree with Bobby Carpenter. Actually when i read the Title first one that came to mind was Bobby.
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In my time some of the underrated Buckeyes....

Kevin Houser-(consistent long snapper has turned this into a very long career)

Jason Winrow- Never the best lineman on his team, but very consistent

Jeff Cothran- Was a big time TB in high school. Bulked up to play Fullback and played well.

Ty Howard- Had to play opposite Shawn Springs and did well.

Brian Stablein
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