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Most Prized Buckeye Possession?

Knowing the way I feel about the Buckeyes, I know you guys collect a lot of Buckeye memorabilia. I was just curious to what is everyone's most priced Buckeye Possession they own?
I would say mine would be my autographed helmet, signed by Gamble, Krenzel, Jenkins, and Will Smith. Running close second would be my Eddie George OSU Throwback that I also got autographed...what about you guys? :osu:
I'll take a few pics and post them up after work....
You're really not doing well by starting threads. I have two pieces of advice:

1. Stop starting threads

2. If you absolutely have to start a thread, use the "search" feature to search the forums and verify that the thread you want to start hasn't already been discussed. If it has, you can actually hit "reply", which will allow you to comment on the subject, which will also move that particular thread back to the top of the forum. This way, you won't be re-hashing subjects that have already been talked about, or in the cases of some, driven so completely into the ground that a grave-robber couldn't find it.
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Dude, your hardcore. He is a new guy, maybe we could cut him a little slack. Not that I really care since most of us already knew each other from BN or BSB before Clarity started this wonderful site. It might be a little more productive to send him a PM rather than ripping him publicly in the forums.

BTW, of all the stuff that I have. My most prized posession is probably my memories (cheesy I know). My mom has a program from I think the 1976 tOSU Penn St game autographed by both Woody and JoePa, that is pretty cool.
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Yeah, I was probably a little hard on the newbie. I wasn't necessarily trying to hurl insults, so my apologies if that is how my previous post was taken. I will plead temporary insanity, as I had this horrible flashback to Sucknuts and the myriad number of threads there that were re-started and re-hashed every other day. Holy Schnikies, it was horrible. Thank God I'm back in the present now. That was a nightmare.
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Dang FKA! :lol:

At least this guy is actually a Buckeye fan (unlike many recent additions to the board).

Welcome aboard sKoolboy. I don't have much stuff... I have a program and media guide from our most recent Nat'l Championship, but I've never figured out the best way to get Tressel to sign it. His and Archie's are probably the only autographs I'd want.
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Skool, you would make the biggest splash by entering the pool without a ripple. This community is, I think, extraordinarily welcoming of new members and viewpoints, but has little tolerance for BN-type threads and forced questions. I'm sure you've gotten that point. Hard to miss with FKA. I look forward to hearing your thoughts as we wait for summer practice and the season to get started.
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Hey Guys...it's straight...

guess there is only one way to welcome newbies to the board, is with the ownage...its fine. i accept it, thanks for having my back or what not, and clearing up what you are trying to say.

But with the football season being over and everyone really waiting around for it, i figured my 2 cents wouldn't but keep people posting...

but anyways, I'm Derek..been a Buckeyes fan before i can even remember, my parents had me watching games before i even knew what i was watching, we have collections of things @ home, and what not, so i figured what the hell, a post is a post...but i understand where you guys are coming from, and that you guys have alot of past history, i never even visited the bucknut forum or what not, but i respect what you guys have to say, and i guess in a due amount of time i will be returning the ownage to the then newbies...what goes around comes around. But till i find some good good information, i'll just stick to the reply button...haha :biggrin:
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