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Most Extreme Elimination Challenge Marathon on Spike TV


I give up. This board is too hard to understand.
One of the funniest shows on TV is having a 14 hour marathon today. I think it ends at 11pm (EST) tonight.

anyone else watch this show??

I love it. Those announcers, Kenny Blankenship and Vic Romano along with special correspondant Guy LeDouche and Captain Tenneal, are great.

Gotta love the names they make up for the participants.
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agree with everything said on this thread.....i am new to mxe...but i swear i could watch it every waking hour and never be bored....reno911 is incredible as well kentstate....

the hits these people take on mxe is hilarious....the couples one is on now....
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My favorite event is the Rotating Surfboard of Death. Either that or the one where they have to carry a volleyball across a rickety bridge while they fire other balls at them with a cannon, or maybe the one where they have to run across the big rotating things with the bones painted on them, or maybe the one where they get crushed by the boulders, or... ...shit, the whole show kicks ass.
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the slippery rock run event leads to some awesome wipe outs.....the one guy thats face went straight into the side of the mud bank was classic....

the baseball catch one had me cracking up.....so did the fat guy trying to get up the greased wall....this show is the greatest....
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There are too many great "events" to name one favorite. I love the boulder one... they showed one guy earlier that took a beating all the way down the hill. The one where they have to run through on the doors but they don't know if the door is paper or solid wood.... :biggrin: Any of the tricycle races... :biggrin:

I didn't really like the show at first but I've been watching it for the last few months and love it! They keep advertising that the new season starts April 22nd! Can't wait!

Don't Get Eliminated!
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