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Moronic Spam-Generated Names


The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St
Staff member
Tech Admin
  • It's funny how these spam e-mail generators try to construct realistic looking names to try an fool recipients into thinking they were sent by actual humans. Here's a quick list of the more ridiculous "names" I've received in the past few days, taken from my K-9 Anti-Spam log:

    Tottering T. Impersonally
    Controverts F. Metacarpi
    Fluorocarbons L. Pinker
    Pioneer S. Conciliates
    Countrywomen V. Jawbones
    Actions H. Kenneling
    Syphilitic S. Cuckoo
    Ghastly Q. Looseness
    Marchionesses L. Liked
    Breasting C. Internationalization
    Welshmen L. Allocates
    Dereliction K. Interdenominational
    Addictions M. Cepheus
    Preamble A. Menstrual

    Ah yes, good ol' Flourocarbons...hadn't heard from him in a while...
    worse than emails, is when the spamers get ahold of your fax number.... nothing like junk faxes comming into the office all day long... I think they finally made them against the law, because we don't get them nearly as often as we did in the past...
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