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More Overreaction? Common Sense??

I had my own personal issue with a school within the last week! Give me your opinions please! Well not that it matters anymore..

Wife called me last week and said the principal called an one of my twins had been suspended!! Now this is a kid who has NEVER been in trouble at school and goes to enrichment classes on saturdays because of excellent grades! My kid had a minor disagreeement with one of his neighborhood buddies on the play ground and said ''I am goinG to kill you" yes I know bad choice of words but no ill intent, even his friend knew my kid was spouting off. The kid never heard him say that but a teacher or aide did.Anyway the wife and I both met with the priincipal and I understand his hands were tied and my kid only got a one day supension (prob could have been more) but man how many times have you all said that just spoutin off? Called the kids parents as I was going to march my son over there to apolagize but they said they no my kid is a good kid and meant no harm. Had a long talk with my boy about Columbine and all...

Before any one jumps on me I understand completely why schools have to be carefull but man he is just 10 and this was so frustrating...
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Although I understand the seriousness of todays schools reacting to statements. That's such a grey area. I personally don't think he should of been suspended at all due to the circumstance. Maybe disciplined in school and discussed with him as to the seriousness of such statements but not suspended. You definitely should of punished him for getting into trouble at school and as to why its wrong to say such things. Also unless he had a pattern of violence and threats its kinda overreacting. A short leash should always be warranted in these case if it's repeated though (I am sure it won't in your case... just in general). The only consolation is that maybe he learned from that ....

I also think his misbehavior may be associated with your affiliation with ND and its his way of acting out. Just my opinon though. He truely wants to be a Buckeye but you won't let him. :biggrin:
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Yeah he pretty much stayed home all weekend while his twin brother went to a big b-day party / sleepover that they both were invited to! Ouch !!That one really hurt!! His reaction to that almost made me give in...

NAHH HE LOVES THE IRISH!! But his twin likes PURDUE! hmmmm!
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Suspending a kid for this is WRONG!!!! If the kid isn't serious...then all it does is punish him for nothing. If the kid is serious...it is just going to make him more angry. I think what you need to do, if this arises, is just have a parent/teacher/student meeting...that way they can talk about why it's wrong to say that. Suspensions for things like that are just dumb. What do they do? Who is learning a lesson? What good can come of it? I agree that we can't have kids saying things like that at school. But I think there are better ways of going about it. Do you think a suspension would have stopped Columbine from happening? I'm not saying an intervention would have...but it has to be better than just kicking a kid out of school for a few days. I think zero-tolerence policies take common sense out of the loop. Is it so hard to deal with each case individually? We need to work on learning about our kids and look at each case as different, instead of just saying, "If you cross this line, you are getting this punishment...no exceptions."
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Oddly- I agree with everyone that the school probaby shouldn't punish the lad for the inent of what he said, because I'm sure there is none... and he was just spouting off.

On the other hand... maybe the lesson is that you need to think before you open your mouth... and that spouting off isn't such a good Idea. (Yes- This from the leader of the Paint Chip Party)

I realize its kind of a candy ass backwards way to look at it... and I still think the school is wrong because I'm sure that they don't look at it this way... but there's a lot less to worry about when you're talking about a 10 year old getting suspended for one day...than say in high school where there might be worse ramifications... especially if he can take something from it.

Also... let me get this straight- The kid goes to enrichment classes on Saturdays because of good grades? Hmmm "Little Johnny... be sure and get good grades so you can go to school on Saturday too!"

I would have flunked out of elementary school on purpose.
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It just doesn't stop...

<TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=440 border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=headlineblack style="PADDING-RIGHT: 0px; PADDING-LEFT: 0px; PADDING-BOTTOM: 10px; PADDING-TOP: 5px">High School Streaker Gets Up to 2 Years</TD></TR><TR><TD class=storytext style="PADDING-BOTTOM: 10px">Friday, October 15, 2004

TOWANDA, Pa. — A high school graduate was sentenced to up to two years in jail for streaking the graduation ceremony from which he had been excluded.

Russell Chmieleski (search), 18, pleaded guilty to first-degree indecent exposure (search) and must serve six months to two years. Because the charge is a misdemeanor, he can stay in a county jail, rather than state prison.

The first-degree charge was made because children were in the crowd when Chmieleski ran across the football field where the Towanda High School (search) graduation ceremony was held in June.

Police said Chmieleski was upset that school officials excluded him from the ceremony because he graduated in January.

Towanda is about 50 miles northwest of Scranton.

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Just for my own personal edification, what does one study during Owl pellets? I assume one attempts to determine what critters have been consumed and are now contained in said pellets. But how much detail can you go into? Is there also a population component to the class? What I mean is there an attempt to ascertain how many owls are living in the area, and of what type?

btw - I'm not being a smartass just in case you were wondering. When I was a kid I would have loved to have taken a class in Owl pellets. I think it’s great that your kid has the opportunity to take a class like that.
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Sweet mercy.. if that's all it takes to get suspended these days, I probably would have never made it out of middle school.

"I'm going to kill you" used to mean something akin to "Shut up, you douchebag" and I suspect it still does.

But, play it safe, Cheif. Next time Ryan is playin playstation with one of his buddies and says "I killed you" call 9-1-1 immediately. Next time he says, "I'm gonna kick your butt" to someone, make sure you remove all steel toed boots from his possession. If the lad says ever says the word "pussy" immediately jump to the conclusion that he's been involved in skank-sex, and get him to a clinic.
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Here's another story of a school going way to far.....


8-Year-Old Suspended For Having Butter Knife In Lunch Bag

KING WILLIAM, Va. -- A Virginia woman is questioning the King William County School District's zero-tolerance policy on weapons.

Joyce Heath said her 8-year-old son returned to school Wednesday after being suspended for seven days, because he carried a butter knife to school with his lunch.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported that Nicholas, a third-grader, had been suspended for 10 days and faced the possibility of being placed in disciplinary classes for a year. But Heath met with School Superintendent Brenda Cowlbeck on Tuesday, and the suspension was lifted.

Cowlbeck said she could not comment on the matter because of privacy laws. But she said Tuesday's meeting was her first chance to discuss the matter with the boy's mother.

Heath said she packed a butter knife in her son's lunch along with a package of peanut butter and jelly on Oct. 1. She said Nicholas did not do anything threatening with the knife.
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This stuff is just beyond ridiculous. At least your boy's was only one day, but still that would have set me off.

I have a high tolerance for stupid people who realize they are stupid. Most of them are really good people, but "stupids" in positions of authority really tick me off. These schools are being run by some of the dumbest people in the country and we send our kids there to make them smarter?

Thank you for the further proof that my money is not being wasted on private school for my kids.
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