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Monday Night Football - Can They Get Dumber?

I think the ideal thing to have would be to have the ability to listen to different commentators. This is something I've given some thought to. Like, start a website that gives you the choice of commentators.

Channel 1. You get Madden and Michaels (straight sports commentary)

Channel 2. You get Miller and Barkeley (comedy-sports)

Channel 3. You get a some red-neck dudes.

Channel 4. You get some guys who speak jive.

Channel 5. Rasta-net, with jamaican or otherwise caribbean dudes

Channel 6. Chick-net, with some chicks who are watching the game but having inane conversations about hair, beauty, inconsequential unrelated things... kind of like my wife whenever Bret Favre is on tv, she always says "when are they going to stop sucking him off?" because the commentators are always so on his nuts.

I'm sure I could come up with lots more, but occasionally I like to pretend to be the redneck guys commentating. It's always good for a laugh or two.
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themongoose32 said:
Miller was cool

The Mongoose

Miller had many great moments: "Whadya think Dan-o? Looks like Sapp just told Moss he was a little higher up the tree."

Miller would've worked out better if Fouts wasn't in the mix. Michaels got all the jokes, but doing play by play he couldn't take the extra 3 to 4 seconds to give Miller's delivery the attention that it needed.
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