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Missing College Student Found Alive


I give up. This board is too hard to understand.
Huge news up here.... police now looking for white male suspect, Hopefully they find this scum bag soon.

MADISON, Wis. — College student Audrey R. Seiler (search), who disappeared four days ago, has been found alive, Madison police confirmed Wednesday.

Authorities planned to hold a news conference later in the afternoon.

Police searched for the young woman's abductor but no arrests had been made. Video news coverage showed police with guns and rifles searching through a parking lot, checking in cars and opening doors to structures.

Seiler, a student at the University of Wisconsin (search), vanished from her off-campus apartment Saturday without a coat or purse. A surveillance tape shows her leaving her building and her door was left open, police said.

Seiler was taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, Officer Larry Kamholz said. He refused to give further details about her condition.

Mike Tauber, one of Seiler's friends, told Fox News he got the news directly from police that she was found "alive and well."

Ginny Sievers, Seiler's best friend, told Fox News in a phone interview that she had heard Seiler was found in a marsh area near campus, which police later confirmed.

"It's just been a big emotional roller coaster," Sievers said. "We were all hoping. We just knew that she was out there somewhere. We hadn't lost any faith."
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heres my theory....i think there was a case that went down eerily similar to this a couple a years ago....

the chic has this guy on the side....so...at some point in the late night...knowing she is going to meet with her lover on the side at 230...she calls her boyfriend to say goodnight....she paces the entrance of her apartment waiting on her guy...leaves stuff behind because she is just planning on it being a car quickie....or maybe she was just going to talk to him real quick in the car.....

meanwhile...horny boyfriend gets done partying and has a hardy that wont go down....so he decides to drop by girlfriends house for some get go (like we all havent just shown up drunk on our girlfriends steps wanting some)....problem is...shes in the car with another dude when he gets there....now shes caught....

so she has to come up with something....a girl is only as good as her reputation....most especially in a small town like madison....
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We are just going through a situation in my town of someone making a false sexual assault claim. It is sad to think of someone lieing like that because it makes people doubt future and legitimate claims and the amount of police hours wasted on chasing a false claim.
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