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LGHL Mike Golic should probably stop betting on Notre Dame

  • Thread starter Luke Zimmermann
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Luke Zimmermann

Mike Golic should probably stop betting on Notre Dame
Luke Zimmermann
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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The co-host of ESPN's Mike & Mike lost *another* bet on the Fiesta Bowl.

Notre Dame lost to Ohio State in a Fiesta Bowl for the second time in 10 years.

As per usual, ESPN personality Mike Golic, one time Fighting Irish defensive lineman, had a friendly wager against the Buckeyes, this time with fellow ESPN-er (and former Buckeye wide receiver, Cris Carter). And just like the last time the two teams faced off, Golic had to pay up.

On Monday, he did just that. And boy does he look thrilled about it:

.@espngolic Turn that frown upside down! > #GoBucks @MikeAndMike @criscarter80 pic.twitter.com/1DzexUNGdN

— Brutus Buckeye (@Brutus_Buckeye) January 4, 2016

Way back in 2006, Golic had to rock a Chris Spielman jersey and sing "Carmen Ohio" after the Buckeyes' 34-20 win over then ND head coach Charlie Weis and the Irish. Sadly while the audio is lost in the annals of the internet, photographic evidence lives on:


Photo credit: ESPN

But today's wager pay up isn't even the first Notre Dame related bet Golic's lost the past two years.

Last season, after Florida State defeated Notre Dame following the famous pick play penalty, Golic had to wear a Danny Kanell Seminoles jersey on air:


Photo credit: ESPN

And after the Irish were shocked by Northwestern, Golic returned the favor and nearly literally broke the internet by recreating a Kim Kardashian magazine cover. If you haven't seen it, you really don't want to click. Also: earnest NSFW warning.

So what can we learn from Golic's at least 0-4 wagering track record and counting? Maybe the luck of the Irish isn't that lucky after all. And if nothing else, Golic should probably steer clear of Notre Dame related bets moving forward.

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