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Michigan coaches & players searched?

This is from lloyd's press conference today. Does anyone want to discuss? Seems weird to me.


On being searched prior to the game by OSU police and dogs:
"I was followed down the sidewalk by the stadium there. Some guy was yelling at me. Finally as I got to the door, the guy tapped me on the shoulder and said, 'Coach, we're going to have to check your bag with this dog.' And I said, 'what is this all about?' He said, 'I'm just following orders.' So I asked Scott Draper to check with the people at Ohio State and find out what this was all about. Their statement to him was they're going to do what they want to do at Ohio Stadium."
"First of all, I'm extremely proud of our players and our coaches that we didn't have what could have been a very serious confrontation. There is nobody, I can promise you, that wants to stand there with a police officer and a dog, telling all of you to put your bags down so they could check them. I found it extremely disrespectful at best because had they had the consideration to notify us before we got to the stadium that they were going to do something like that…."
"After it was over, their media relations guy made the statement that this was done to all of the other schools that played this year. My question is, did they do it to Coach Tressel and Ohio State team? My guess is absolutely not. But I know that they did not do it with Wisconsin, Penn State, and Indiana. At least that's what those schools have indicated to us. So I think at best, it was extremely disrespectful. It was an extreme measure from a standpoint that the potential for a serious confrontation,…some type of reaction from our team and our players…it could have been an ugly situation. I think, at worst, it was a violation of our individual rights. In my 27 years in this conference, I've never seen anything like it. I think it is just something that is absolutely inexcusable."
"I was told as I walked down to the field prior to the game…I asked the police officer from Ohio State that took me down…he said,' Coach, I want you to know that we were only following orders and they were not the orders given us by our superiors.' I said, 'well who decided it then?' He said, 'the athletic department.' I don't know what their reasoning was. You would have to ask them. But to say publicly that it has been done to all of the other schools…that raises a serious issue of credibility. I resented it and just don't understand anything about what happened there."
On if he thought it was gamesmanship on the part of OSU:
"You would have to ask them, which I think they're probably going to deny based on what the statements have been. But I don't care what it was. I think it's an extremely serious issue. I think the commissioner of this conference, Jim Delaney, needs to look into it. Certainly, I think everyone here at Michigan is extremely concerned about the issues of what happened there. To do that to our student athletes, coaches, student trainers, and student managers…I mean, what are we doing?!"
On what they were searching for:
"I don't know if they're looking for drugs. I don't think I'm a terrorist."
On how long the search delayed the team:
"I don't know. Look, let me make this clear. It had nothing to do with the outcome of that game. Nothing! That is not anything we're using as an excuse. We're talking about how a university in this conference…how their athletic department chose to try to embarrass us, I guess. Obviously it was in front of a lot of their fans where it was easy for them to watch. I don't know what the reasoning is. But I certainly would expect something as an explanation because I think that is absolutely unfor… That's it."
On if he'll file a complaint:
"I don't know."
On if they made them open the bags:
"You know, I don't even remember. I was pretty angry so I tried to control my temper and my tongue, which I did a wonderful job of."
On if there is a normal security checkpoint they have to go through:
"Let me ask you this. I have another question for them. 9/11…two years ago we were down there, there was nothing. So, is it so much more serious now?"
Of if he would have been as upset if they had told him before hand that there was reason to be concerned:
"Well, I think that's a major part of the issue. I guess when I look on it, what really is interesting is that they would say that with all these other schools it has been the same all year long when it hasn't. I mean, there is an issue of credibility here. They made the statement that one team didn't bring any bags in. We had people in our travelling party who took bags in that weren't coaches. They didn't ask them for their bags. They just walked in right behind us with their bags and nobody said a word to them. It was just the players and the coaches."
"At one point John Faulk had to take all of the equipment in. He has got thousands of pounds of equipment…, helmets, shoulder pads, and jerseys. They at first were going to make him open every bag…, which would have taken hours. All of these people…fans…standing around harassing him as he brought it through the gate."
"I don't understand it. To me, if it's going to be the greatest rivalry in college athletics, which so many of us believe it is, then I don't think it is too much to say lets have great respect for each other. Lets treat each other like we would want to be treated. I guarantee you that the athletic director at Ohio State doesn't want his son treated the way that they treated our players."
On if the players were agitated:
"Everybody was agitated because if you're going to do something like that to your guests, wouldn't it be appropriate to let them know? I just don't understand that. And honestly, I hate to even talk about it. But I would have discussed this win or lose. I want to emphatically say that it has nothing to do with the game. The Ohio State team played great. Give them the credit."
On if Coach Tressel knew anything about it:
"Well, he asked me …it was interesting…he asked me if we got in okay and how was everything going. I said, 'as a matter of fact, they just had your dogs out there searching our bags Jim.' I said, 'I don't know what the hell that was all about.' He said, 'well, I didn't know anything about that.' "
On if the episode rattled his team:
"No! Are you kidding?!"
On if he believes Tressel didn't know anything about it:
"You'd have to ask him. If he told me that, I'd have to believe him. But somebody in that department knew."
He is SUCH an asshole. Anything that happens at the Shithouse is "incidental" but when they go on the road, he feels the need to relay who's fault it was for breaking his thumbnail. Who gives a crap if he's upset.
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If it's procedure then its procedure. Just like being a douchebag is prerequisite for being a Michigan fan. That DICKHEAD IS JUST PISSED HIS TEAM GOT ITS ASS HANDED TO IT. It didn't have an impact on the game and if he says it did he a damn liar. These is just another smear against OSU.

NEWSFLASH TO PUSSFACE: nothing you say will embarrass us as bad as your ass whipping on Saturday.
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Estes - my apologies if the troll suggestion was misplaced, but when I see a firrst time post brining up an issue that is negative towards OSU and expresses a complaint by Michigan I am seeing a pattern I have witnessed before.

As for searching any and all - I have not sat in that Stadium since 9-11 without the thought crossing my mind that OSU stadium is an incredibly inviting target. I can still recall missing an entire play the first game after 9-11 as I watched an airliner pass overhead - wondering if it might bank.

My understanding is that Al Qaeda has gotten the blessing of the Muslim clerics to use nuclear weapons against us 'infidels'. Ohio is a specifically threatened red state.

If you want to get inside the heads of the American public - hit a nationally televised sporting event (none of the other games referenced had near the viewrship of the OSU-Michigan game). More than once during the week leading up to the game I gave thought to the personal safety of myself and my son.

If it was a legitimate search for legitimate reasons - that is good.

However, if it was gamesmanship - even better.

Screw Michigan and the bus they road in on.
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