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tBBC Michael Jordan is a Buckeye!


Michael Jordan is a Buckeye!
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
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(photo courtesy of cleveland.com)

Michael Jordan a 6-6, 305 lb. Offensive Lineman, from the State Up North (Plymouth High School / Canton, MI.) enrolled at The Ohio State University on January 11, 2016.

Back in May of 2015 he committed to the Buckeyes following offers from Big 10 rivals *ichigan State and Iowa.

He went to his twitter account to make the announcement. “I am proud to announce I will be playing football for The Ohio State.”

Jordan is listed as a 4-star prospect with each of the recruiting services: ESPN lists him at #11 of the 2016 class of Offensive Tackles. Scout places him @ #4 for OT’s in the Midwest. For the overall 2016 class of OT’s they list him @ #16. 247Sports has him @ #21 for OT’s, as does Rivals.

Following his 2014 (Junior) year he would be named Honorable Mention All-State.

Offers came in furiously from other Big 10 Schools: *ichigan State, Iowa, Nebraska, Penn State, even TTUN. Offers would also come from Notre Dame, Miami (FL) and Boston College.

OSU cornerbacks coach Kerry Coombs was profoundly involved in Jordan’s recruitment, a task he intertwines himself with pertaining with all prospects from the State Up North.

On December 9th of 2015 Coach Meyer paid Jordan a visit. On January 11th of this year he enrolled into the School.

Jordan is an athletic player for his size. His ability to lock in on a defender is dominating in the one-on-one blocking. His ability to change directions is essential in the running plan. Plymouth High School averaged 300 yards per game on the ground. Jordan was the anchor and star of that line and provided the authority that Plymouth willingly utilized against their opponents. His knack for picking up a blitz has too brought notice to his superb play.

A good lineman is always in the scope of the Buckeyes. Jordan will be slated as an OT. The LT position with Taylor Decker off to the fortunes of the NFL belongs to Jamarco Jones (Redshirted sophomore) as he will move up into the starting slot. His back-up is perhaps the most up-for-grabs of the entire offensive line. The RT position is solidly Isaiah Prince’s. Prince was one of the very few true freshmen to actually play last season, and most probable the favorite to own this position – names that surface often as his back-up leans toward the big redshirt freshmen Kevin Feder.

Look for Jordan to be redshirted. His potential with the Buckeyes is promising. He is big. He is strong. His speed for his size is well above average. His heart is just as big as he is too. “I just want to win. That’s why I am here ready for time in The Shoe.”

I look for Michael Jordan to be an offensive line stud. He will without question be a name we will hear in the 2017 or 2018 seasons. This kid has everything that the Buckeyes want and need.

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