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Miami Fans and Despondency

BrutusBobcat said:
Yes, I understand that all three of then are quite despondent. :tongue2:
now c'mon BB...when I saw the Buckeyes play Miami at Giants Stadium a few year back while living in NYC, I remember there being like a dozen Miami fans there. Maybe even as many as 15. Most of them wore short-sleeved wind breakers, parachute pants, and looked like Razor Ramon.
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kick-off classic

i just happend to be there myself for that game. and your exactly right....unfortunately one cryami fan had to sit in our section and he was the most annoying jack hole i have ever seen!! good time though, bucks and yankees in the same weekend!!
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man, I wonder if we weren't in the same section. we had one Miami fan with his gold chains and neon windbreaker who was just ruthless once Kenny Kelly got the Canes on track.

here's hoping that Robiskie decides to be a Buckeye sometime today!
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since we split this thread off, i really have to wonder what Miami is planning on doing at QB. Carlton Hill is supposedly solid on USF, so they are probably not getting a QB in this class. they took Kirby Freeman last year, although he is now being looked at as a punter. Kyle Wright is obviously their uber-project, but I imagine he only plays for 2-3 years. while Freeman continues to work out at QB, you could argue that they really haven't taken a solid QB prospect in the last two years. and Crudup and Berlin are gone. for their sake, I hope Wright stays healthy, because they are a long way from the proverbial pair and a spare...
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Headshot, courtesy of Stewart Mandel:

I have a question for you. Does SI.com have any other college football writers besides you? I'm sick of reading your anti-Miami/anti-ACC garbage. I'd like to read somebody who knows what they're talking about. Thanks.
-- Kris, Miami
Tell you what, I'll ask around the office, see if anyone's interested. In the meantime, perhaps you can find the more "fair and balanced" perspective you're seeking either here or here.
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