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While I'm talking about some other sports, I would like to talk about mens hockey.

The other night with the Bluejackets minor leage affiliate from syracuse playing a game in Nationwide arena, many local news stations had big reports about hockeys one night return to columbus.

Here's a news flash for you: HOCKEY NEVER LEFT

Thats right, even without the bluejackets playing there is still some great hockey being played in columbus by the #12 OSU men hockey team. The way I see it, the news services shouldn't have had much of a story. I don't want to hear any hockey fans in Columbus complain about not having any games to go to. Columbus obviously must not be too big of hockey fans if we can't even bother to fill the lower bowl of the Schott for most hockey games. This team is young, and exciting with loads of potential, and even has a bluejacket connection with Tom Fritsche, brother of Bluejacket Dan Fritsche.

Like the womens basketball team we could really use getting out and supporting this team better. I think that this is a very good team and program that is mainly just lacking the fan support that may be necessary to turn it inot a great program. I have been to the CCHA tournament, and altough it is in Detroit, it is quite embarrassing to look out and see the tens of OSU fans (I think I'm even being generous by saying tens) surrounded by thousands of scUM fans. We even get outnumbered by fans from much smaller schools from a greater distance away. I know we have come a long way since moving the team out of the cramped quarters of the OSU Ice Rink, but we still have a long way to go in order to give the puck Bucks the kind of support that they deserve.
Attendance #'s

I'll be in town for the 2 Ohio State Vs. Michigan hockey games next weekend and it looks like over 10,000 tickets have been sold for each night already. It should be a good weekend with our two teams blowing away the competition in the CCHA this year.
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they are prediciting a sell out...we will see about that

anyone whos seen hockey will tell you...ccha aint the western conference. tom aint danny...and danny sure in the hell isnt nash or zherdev. i love osu, but i will tell anyone who says hockey is boring to go to an nhl game....im 10 for 10 on guys whove gone and are now "big" hockey fans.
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