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MEMBERS... inside please (fund raising)


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  • Mods... please don't merge this with any other threads.

    This raffle will be done in the fall. Drawing at the Texas game.

    Alot more people will be on the site when the season kicks off and we can make a huge profit for the site then. Many have already given all they can now, so this WILL take place this fall.

    I am wanting to know if you could have any autograph of any Buckeye..... who would it be? Tressel? Krenzel? Nugent? Tatum? Kern? Archie? Clarett????? (j/k)... who would you pick and why?

    I know this sounds a lot like a Donnie post, but believe me I have a very good reason for asking.

    I have managed to collect a lot of autographs over the years and I am going to raffle something, or maybe a couple of things off for BP's server at the Spring Game.

    So just pick one person that you would want the most. I'll give it a week or two and then let everyone know what the piece(s) will be.

    Thanks, Chris
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    I have an Archie autograph, a Nugent autograph, a Krenzel autograph, a Sims (Rob) autograph, and a Wilhelm autograph. and I used to have (but lost :() a Tyson Walter autograph. I'd really like a Ted Ginn autograph (which I'll probably get at the Spring Game. I'd also love a Chic Harley autograph, but I know that's not gonna happen.
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    I have basically every Buckeye. Someone like Woody would probably be out of most price ranges, so I would say that Hopalong, Archie, and Eddie all make nice pieces for this type of thing, as do the National Championship guys. Tressel is good for a "big-dollar" item because he's in pretty high demand.

    gost8 (and the rest of the board): If you are going to do a raffle or auction, I have some signed cards that people might want that I would be willing to donate for the effort. I am certain that I have a Jim Houston, a Pete Johnson, and an Ahmed Plummer, and I may also have Antoine Winfield. I also have special signed Heisman cards of Archie and Hopalong. I will check who all I have when I get home, but signed cards are items that a lot of people could bid on in an auction situation that could help a little bit and wouldn't cost triple digits...let me know if you want me to contribute, and I will go in with you. You or anyone can PM me with ?s. The raffle could be for a "bigger" item if there is one (like a Tressel or something).
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    We also have a buckeye program signed by Eddie George contributed by a BP member (Tlangs IIRC) that will be added to the stockpile of auctioned items. Everyone please think up items you can contribute to the auction, even if its just an osu hat that someone could buy for $5 to add to BP's server fund.
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