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Meeting Mrs. Woody Hayes

Discussion in 'Buckeye Football' started by CottageAveBuckeye, Nov 28, 2015.

  1. As i nervously anticipate the game today, i thought of a memory i had meeting Mrs. Hayes at her daughter in laws. It was around 1979/80, newly married and looking for a mattress. One was advertised in a decent part of town (i think Upper Arlington) so we rolled up to the address in my 1967 dodge van (missing the letters "d" and "e" so we called it DOG"). it was 3 on the tree standard and the ebrake didn't work. thing looked so bad i was gonna get pulled over for "ugly" but at the time my bros in law worked for UA animal control, heard the pull over on the radio and told them i was ok...but i digress. Anyway, can't remember how the mattress got to the van, and i can't even recall whose mattress it was, only that Mrs. Hayes announced herself and that she was there at her daughter in laws. A fairly stout woman she was and eager to help. So the wife and i have mattress in hand, back doors already open, and as we start to shove the mattress in the van starts to roll. I remember saying something to the effect "crap, i forgot to put it in gear". That's when Mrs. Hayes grabs the bumper in a half squat and yells "I got it!" what was i to do, (she did have it after all)...and i wasn't going to argue with she held the van while we shoved the mattress in. Big smile on her face as i closed the van doors.

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