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Master NCAA 2005 OSU Buckeyes Manual Roster Thread


Although many folks have Action Replays and such .. or have modded their X-Boxes to be able to insert rosters .. I do not have such a device and I suspect a lot of other folks do not either. In addition, memory cards are not the most popular peripheral for the X-Box what with the hard drive and all.

So ..

I thought with opening Saturday bearing down, I thought we might start a manual update for simply THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY BUCKEYES team in a Dynasty or Season mode. Just the Bucks. I don't care if the back-up left guard at Rutgers is right or not but I would like to play a season (this season) or start a Dynasty with current, named Buckeye players. This may take a little time but it's just for our Bucks.

I thought we could have reference links or eventually arrive upon the definitive "Master 2004 Scarlet & Gray Roster" through give and take and input of knowledge.

Include anything you feel is relevant .. ratings changes ... whatever.

Also, I guess we'll need a starting point so maybe somebody with one of those Action Replay things might start us off with a rundown of name changes from numbers in the default rosters and then we could work off of modifying those to be the most realistic for Opening Day 2004.

Thanks for your input and through the knowledge of the Bucks and the game that I see on this forum, let's all work together to make these the absolute most accurate "homegrown" rosters of any Division 1-A football team in this game.

Double D

"My son's an OSU cheerleader. You oughta see the girls skirts he looks under when he lifts them. ... Oh and he looks because I get the details .. :-)"