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tBBC Martin and Snyder head to National Championship Matches after Day 2 of NCAA Nationals

Patrick Jones

Martin and Snyder head to National Championship Matches after Day 2 of NCAA Nationals
Patrick Jones
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
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Ohio State entered the semi final round of the 2016 NCAA wrestling tournament with a chance to get 4 guys into Saturday nights finals and a shot a repeating as national champion only to have great disappointment fall upon them.

In the first match of the semi final round, defending 125 pound champion Nathan Tomasello wrestled a very passive, “not to lose” match and it cost him. Tomasello, who typically uses his offense to rack up points on his way to wins, attempted only 2 shots in 7 minuets of regulation wrestling against Iowa’s Thomas Gilman. Gilman scored an escape in the second and Tomasello escaped to start the third to leave the match tied at 1-1 heading into overtime. Early in overtime Gilman got in on a shot on Tomasello and put the Buckeye sophmore right to his back and scored the fall in OT to secure his spot in the finals. Tomasello will wrestle in the consolation semi finals in the morning before either wrestling for 3rd/4th with a win or 5th/6th with a loss.

The second Buckeye up in the semifinals was sophmore Bo Jordan. In what was billed as Jordan Bowl 4, Jordan took on cousin and Wisconsin Badger Isaac Jordan. Like the previous 3 matches, the elder Jordan, Isaac came out the victor, 5-4. Isaac used a late reversal to score the victory over his former high school teammate. Like Tomasello, Jordan will wrestle in the morning in the consolation semi finals.

In what is the surprise of the tourney, Buckeye freshman Myles Martin continued his remarkable run in the 174 pound bracket with an 8-2 win over Lelund Weatherspoon of Iowa State. Martin will face the number 1 seed Bo Nickal of Penn State in the finals. Nickal beat the Buckeye Frosh 11-5 in their dual meet match back in early February and then pinned Martin in the B1G wresting tourney 2 weeks ago.

The last Buckeye to take the mat Friday night was super sophmore and current world champion Kyle Snyder. Snyder made the move to heavyweight after taking off his redshirt to come back and help the Bucks try to win a team title for a second consecutive year. Snyder used 4 takedowns to secure a 10-6 win over Ohioian Ty Walz of Virginia Tech. Snyder used a fall, technical fall, and major decision on his way to his semi final match and will move on to face defending champion Nick Gwiazdowski of North Carolina State in what is arguably the match of the finals on Saturday night. This will mark Snyder and Gwiazdowski’s second return trip to NCAA finals.

Stop back tomorrow for a rundown of the finals and a complete recap of the wrestling Bucks weekend, including placement match results.

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