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LGHL Malcolm Jenkins earns first career Pro Bowl nomination

Alexis Chassen

Malcolm Jenkins earns first career Pro Bowl nomination
Alexis Chassen
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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Coming off a career-high season, the safety is heading to Hawaii.

The former Ohio State All-American safety is finally getting the recognition he deserved all season. Now with the Philadelphia Eagles, Malcolm Jenkins has been a vocal leader on defense, and at times, seemed like the only player keeping the team in the game. His career 2015 season has earned him a ticket to the Pro Bowl in Hawaii, the safety's first nomination for the esteemed game.

Jenkins finished the season with a career-high 109 combined total tackles (90 solo), along with 10 passes defended and two interceptions -- one being a Pick 6 against Tom Brady that was returned for a 99-yard touchdown. 2015 may not have been a successful season for the Eagles, having gone 7-9, but it was a record year for Jenkins.

He started all 16 games of the season, and despite acknowledging the poor decision, continued playing against the Cowboys after suffering a concussion. The safety's dedication has never been in question, and in addition to proving it on the field, he also spoke up off the field questioning whether the coaching staff required the players take accountability for their poor performances.

Originally designated an alternate -- something he and former Eagle greats spoke out against --, he will be taking the place of injured Cardinals secondary Tyrann Mathieu. The young player was happy to see his spot go to someone so deserving, acknowledging all Jenkins has done this season.

He deserved to be on the first ballot! Congrats https://t.co/KwoV4sYJPU

— Tyrann Mathieu (@Mathieu_Era) January 26, 2016

Jenkins is the only former Ohio State player voted into the Pro Bowl this year, despite many noteworthy performances by players on Super Bowl bound teams.

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