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tBBC Making the List: Jim Jackson


Making the List: Jim Jackson
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
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Things are beginning to shape up within various leagues in College basketball today. There doesn’t seem like anyone wants to hang onto that # 1 spot either. As odd as it seems it reminds me of the 1991-92 season. I understand that the Championship game that year was Duke vs. TTUN. But the beauty was TTUN got their egos handed to them 71-51.

So how does that make me think of today’s inabilities of any team to dominate?

Who knows? Perhaps I only needed a dig at TTUN to make my Thursday night roll better!

But truthfully it was that season where a dominant player roamed the court for The Ohio State University … and that was Jim Jackson.

Jim Jackson was born in Toledo in October of 1970. He joins a rather impressive list of great Buckeyes also hailing from Toledo (Kelvin Ransey & Dennis Hopson).

Jim Jackson literally carried The Ohio State University in basketball in the 1990’s. His presence on the court was simply unmatched by the opposition and he controlled his destiny in the 93 games that he played as a Buckeye.
In three seasons with the Buckeyes Jim carried an average of 19.2 points per game and led the team in scoring in each of his three years.

He wasn’t only a scorer either. In the 1992 season he carried the team with a 6.8 rebound average. His free throw percentage was as equally amazing. In 1992 he hit with an 81.1 percentage. He would wind up his career with 372 assists which lands him in the top 10 of Buckeyes in The Ohio State University Record Books.

He is currently 7th on the all-time scoring leaders for the Buckeyes with 1,785 points in three years. He ranks at #5 in total amount of points in a single season – 1992 with a 718 total. He ranks at # 5 among Freshmen with 482 points in 1990.
In both the 1991 & 1992 seasons Jim Jackson was named The Big 10 Player of the Year, along with Consensus All-American Honors – 1st Team. An added notch in 1992 was the UPI Player of the Year Award.

The Dallas Mavericks chose Jim as their # 1 pick, fourth overall for the NBA. This would be his best year in the league as he averaged 19.2 points in all 82 games, adding 4.8 rebounds per game, 4.6 assists, while averaging 37.4 minutes of play in each game.

Jim would go on and play with 12 other teams in the NBA; New Jersey, Philadelphia, Golden State, Portland, Atlanta, Cleveland, Miami, Sacramento, Houston, Phoenix, and the Lakers. The only thing that bothers me with that lengthy list is my NY Knicks weren’t in play for this great Buckeye.

In February of 2001 The Ohio State University would retire his # 22. Clearly not reserved for anyone!

I recall Jim Jackson. I have seen him play both in College and professionally. He was a complete scoring machine. Jim Jackson was awesome to witness. And being a Buckeye made the joy so much more thrilling. I enjoyed watching him his entire career – even with 13 different NBA Teams.

Jim Jackson without question is deserving of Making the List. He was the most dominant player of the Buckeyes during his tenure in Columbus. And, well, let’s be real – he won awards that are reserved for only the greats of that era. The retired # 22 speaks volumes also.

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