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LGHL Major Ohio State basketball 2016 recruiting target Kobi Simmons to announce decision Saturday

Matt Brown

Major Ohio State basketball 2016 recruiting target Kobi Simmons to announce decision Saturday
Matt Brown
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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Will Ohio State get an elite point guard to join the 2016 class? We'll finally know for sure on Saturday

Ohio State has been looking to add one more big name to the basketball recruiting class of 2016, even when they didn't officially have a scholarship to offer. But after shooting guard Austin Grandstaff opted to transfer to Oklahoma early in the season, the Buckeyes now officially have one more to offer. Their major target? Five-star point guard Kobi Simmons. And now, we'll finally learn if Simmons will be joining the Buckeyes.

Per Reggie Rankin, Simmons will announce his college decision on Saturday, during the 6 PM HS basketball telecast on ESPNU. Simmons is also considering Kentucky and Arizona. Another contender, UNLV, appears to have fallen out of the running after the Running Rebels fired Dave Rose.

Simmons, a 6-6 combo guard, is listed as the 18th best player in the country, per 247, and has offers from tons of blue blood programs, like Louisville, North Carolina, Duke, Syracuse and Kansas, to go with Arizona and Kentucky. He is one of the top uncommitted players, period, for the 2016 class.

At Ohio State, Simmons could run the point and allow JaQuan Lyle to play off the ball more, or slide into a similar combo guard position and let Lyle or A.J. Harris play point. Since Ohio State should return virtually everybody from this year's squad, adding a player of Simmons' caliber would instantly make the Buckeyes a major threat in the Big Ten, and potentially beyond, next season.

You can see some clips of what Simmons could bring to Columbus below:

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