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hipster doofus
Well, it is for me, anyway. After two years for fucking around and/or having stuff get in my way, I'm finally going to grad school. I'll be studying Student Affairs in Higher Education at Wright State (wrong university).

I just got my acceptance letter today. Spring quarter starts on the 28th. I have from now until then to get advisors, schedule my classes, package my financial aid, and re-evaluate my employment situation, all while finding time to dick around here on The Planet. It's going to be a wild month.

Hopefully, I'll get a chance to try out Athletics Admininstration. That would be really cool.

Maybe in a couple years I will be able to be considered a respected member of the workforce, instead of how I am now - the guy who by double-majoring in History and Philosophy, was seemingly trying twice as hard to be unemployable. Wish me luck!
Congrats jlb but some warning.

My wife has her masters in something close to that and doesn't really like her job in that field. Not much room for advancement plus the pay sucks.

Also, buckeyegrad has a degree in that area and ask him what he thinks of the field.
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Congrats and good luck!

I'm just finishing an MBA (done in May), so I feel for you. Actually it's not bad- by the time you get to grad school, you're learning things that you're interested in and can apply right away. That makes it much easier to stay involved and motivated.
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Thanks for the advice. I already got some experience in the field when I was and undergrad. I realize that's really not the same as working in the field as a career, but I think I've found out enough about it to know it's what I want to do for a living.

Even though I'm pretty determined that this is what I want to do, any advice or warnings from those here who know better would be welcome. I've already received a bunch of good advice from my old bosses. Plus, I've been in touch with one of my old history profs - he used to be a Provost, and his counseling has been extremely valuable.

As for fucking around in grad school - it would be nice to have that luxury. I've already done my fucking around though, and it's a big part of the reason why there's a two year gap between getting my BA and now.
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