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Love for Coach Tressel from ESPN Radio!!


Be water my friend.
Listening to Colin Cowherd, the new morning guy on ESPN radio this morning.

Had the following to say about Coach Tressel:
" Put Jim Tressel anywhere and he's going to win. He won national championships at DIAA and he's already won a national championship at Ohio State. He's a great coach."

Also said the following about Michigan (I'm not sure what he meant by these comments):
"I'd argue that he's (Lloyd Carr) a great coach. How do you not win 8 games at Michigan? The bar is set way too high for that program."

Again, I don't know what he meant by the Michigan comments. Some on the other board said that they thought he meant that anyone could win 8 games at Michigan.

Thought it was neat to hear someone outside of Columbus have good things to say about our fantastic coach!!