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Although SDSU played almost perfect, it had a lot to do with our lack of defense and terrible chemistry. I'm just disapointed in the start of our season and at some point we need to question the coaching staff. I know, we can't question the super bench coach. But we are working with a lot of talent this year but playing worse than any Obrien team ever. I wan't to blame stockman because he throws everything off with his bad decisions and terrible d-fense but at least he is scoring. BFC can hang up his sneakers when Butler gets here next year because Butler can handle the rock as good or better than BFC but he can also score and pass very well. BFC hurts our offense a lot because of his ZERO ability to score. TD is a force once he gets the ball but he is not a scrapper. He watches until the ball is in his reach. RAD is not a force at all but he does play hard. These two big men should not play together but I don't know wich one to start. Something has to be done in practice ! That being said, here is what our new line up should look like until these guy's get the message:

C- C Bass (shot blocker and scrapper)
PF- Harris (loads of potential)
SF- JJ Sullinger (he is doing his job)
SG- Billings (our best on the ball defender)
PG- N Dials (will shoot the lights out if given a chance)

Shake things up and results will follow !
Uugh! Only got to hear part of the game last night. Sounds like OB and the coaching staff need to "light a fire" under some butts. I'm surprised that our team is this undisciplined to start the season. It isn't that hard to recognize your advantage and use our size and strength underneath. Poor FT shooting, poor shot selection, 3-second violations, turnovers, these are errors of laziness.

Come on OB, fire em up!
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I think their going to get better. Already are in fact. It will take a while to develop some chemistry. Sullinger and Stockman haven't been in a college game for a year. Both are talented and should get better within the system. I think offensively we are lacking movement at this time. We'll see if it gets better today against Nova. Decision making must get better too, if they listen to Coach, I'm sure it will.
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