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Looking ahead to Wisconsin

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The Most Power-Drunk
BrutusBobcat said:
...Once again, we have trouble with a small, quick cutback runner. They also used a lot of misdirection to get our defense to overpursue and get RW into more open field.
This is hitting the nail right on the head. The biggest mistake our defense has made this year (and they've done it repeatedly) is over-pursuing the run. They did it against Marshall, and they did it against NC State. They actually improved against NC State. But the entire defense, especially the D linemen, were pursuing, and over-pursuing, instead of staying with their assignments and sticking in the gaps. Everytime that happened, one cutback, and the RB gets an 8-12 yard run. I was so frustrated watching the Marshall game because it kept happening and happening. The second half was better, but it happened some again in the NC State game. We need to improve in this area.
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Will work for bpCash
Wisky schedule

KillerNut said:
I could be wrong about this, but I believe Barry Alvarez is the only Big ten coach to have a winning record vs. Tressel.

In my opinion this is what makes this game scary. Barry plays a very similar game as JT, and has out Tresseled Tressleball 2X out of three years. What makes it worse is that one of those wins was at the Horseshoe. We have not beaten Wisconsin in Columbus in quite a while.
Ok I'll admit my head is in a fog (I broke a new horse last night and my idea of breaking a horse is drink a twelve pack or more before getting on, decreasing the feeling of the bumps... ouch).
I thought we played Wisky at Wisky the last two Tressel years?
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Never Forget 31-0
Tressel vs Wisconsin
2001 20-17 loss at home
2002 19-14 win at wisky
2003 17-10 loss at wisky

Wisky always plays us tough, but I think our offense will be better by that week and playing at home, I think it will be a battle but in the end the bucks win this one 23-10.

I have watched them play and their defense did not really impress me, it was more the lack of an opponent. Going to Arizona and getting lucky and winning tells me alot....they have some problems.
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Let the cards fall...
This game is the one that I pointed to on the calender with a big smile. Last season's game stil pisses me off, and with all the horror stories that I have heard about Wisconsin's fans, I would like to return the favor to them (somewhat). I look for this to be a typical big ten showdown going into the 4 quarter, but unlike last season, we will win this game.

I'm being honest here, if we can get past Purdue I really think that we can run the table this year.
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The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St
Staff member
Tech Admin
TI: Great point. I don't know why we're even talking about a game that's two weeks away when we have a game next week on the road. Yeah, it's Northwestern, but they played us tough the last time we were there. We should know by now to never take any Big Ten opponent for granted.
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