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Look at what we had returning on offense last year


Serenity now
There's always talk of how mediocre OSU's offense was last year. What most don't realize is how few starters returned from the previous year, and just how inexperienced the O was.

On the offensive side, Olivea, Bishop, Clarke, and Jenkins were the only four players that started all or most of the 2001 season. Four whole returning offensive starters last year. Compare to this year with 10 back (if MC counts), and it's hard not to be optimistic about putting up more points this year.

I truly believe this offense will be spectacular if the O-line improves its pass blocking. If Krenzel has time to sit in the pocket and make his progressions without being flushed, he'll pick apart the defense 99% of the time. Throw in a more experienced Michael Jenkins catching passes, plus the addition of Holmes, Carter, and Hall to take some of the load off Gamble.

By the way, I saw Clarke outside the WHAC this afternoon. He looked like a totally new person, I'd guess 320 give or take 5. Olivea and Step were noticeably slimmer too.
I with ya on that. It can only help having so many returning starters, especially on the o-line. I think an experienced o-line can make any offense look very good. Iowa of last year is a great example.

I just wonder how much Tress will "open up" the offense. The one thing I really hope for is allot of scoring, so some of the backups get plenty of p.t. Aside from Sims and Mangold, it would be nice to see at least 2 more hogs get some good p.t. this year ( and not because if injuries). Maybe Datish and Coleman. I'm anxious to see how Coleman looks as a beefed up o-lineman.

My biggest question mark this year is in the kicking game, but I guess we should consider ourselves lucky to have a punter that was a starter 2 years ago. If he can cure the 'shanks', I think he'll be a great punter. For some reason, every game I went to last year, I always watched him in warmups, and he consistently booted high , long punts. But, pre-game and game time are two different animals. I just have a feeling that B.J will have a great season punting (maybe thats just wishful thinking).

Did you catch Lydell on sportscenter today? Man, did he look good. 15 pounds of muscle added, and those pipes were huge.
As I'm typing this, I've got the Windows media player, blasting nonstop, Buckeye Battle Cry, Across The Field, and Carmen,Ohio(courtesy of Cie Grant). It's awesome! We're almost there!!!!
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