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LGHL Logan Stieber to join Ohio State Wrestling coaching staff after 2016 Olympics

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Dan Vest

Logan Stieber to join Ohio State Wrestling coaching staff after 2016 Olympics
Dan Vest
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here


Ohio State's four-time national champion is set to return to the program as an assistant coach.

The greatest wrestler in the history of the Ohio State program is coming home. Less than a year after earning his fourth-consecutive NCAA championship, Logan Stieber has agreed to return to the Ohio State program as an assistant coach following the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

In the official release, Stieber says this of his new challenge:

"I am very excited to be joining the Buckeye staff next year," said Stieber. "I love Ohio State, so it's a dream come true that I can start my coaching career here as well as pursue my Olympic dreams. I'm excited to be able to work with the current and future student athletes. I think with my knowledge and experience I can help the Buckeyes continue to win on and off the mat."

Of the hire, Coach Tom Ryan says:

"Logan has been a tremendous example here as a student-athlete," said Ryan. "He completed one of the most illustrious careers in both Ohio high school history [four state titles] and NCAA history by winning four Big Ten and NCAA championships while leading the Buckeyes to our first team title. Hopefully Olympic glory is next. I am excited for the current and future student athletes that will have the opportunity to learn from Logan.

As a collegiate wrestler, Stieber compiled one of the most impressive resumes in the history of the sport. He posted 119 wins to only three losses, losing only once in his final three years. He also became the first Buckeye to earn four Big Ten titles and only the fourth person ever to win four national titles. He was also the leading point scorer Ohio State's first ever NCAA team championship. The recipient of the 2015 Hodge Trophy (wrestling's version of the Heisman), Stieber was a relentless point scorer who was known for his deadly bar/half combo on top. Of his 119 victories 59 came by pin or technical fall.

A few other notes:

  • Before joining the coaching staff, Stieber will be vying for a spot on the 2016 U.S. Olympic team. The team trials take place April 8-10 at Carver Hawkeye Arena in Iowa.
  • The addition of Stieber gives Ohio State six national titles on its coaching staff. Assistant J. Jaggers has two.
  • All three other former 4x champions have spent time coaching. Most notably Cael Sanderson led Penn State to four consecutive national championships, a streak that lasted until 2015 when Ohio State knocked them off.
  • The addition of Stieber coincides with the departure of long-time assistant Ross Thatcher, who is leaving to start his own wrestling academy.
  • Logan Stieber's brother Hunter is a senior at Ohio State and is looking to win his first national championship after undergoing reconstructive surgery on both elbows in the offseason.

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