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What the hell is this pic?????

Kind of cheesy if you ask me.

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I must add to my last quote that Ross looks like he's giving a big "Suck it" for the crowds amusement.

A picture of Tressel with a big old fashion Nokia cell phone right smack dab in the middle would have been the icing on the cake for this pic.
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I have to voice my negative response...

I personally think it is in poor taste. Is this a team divided? I wonder what Coach Tressell thinks of it. It brings back memories of seeing MC pull a cell phone out of the front of his pants in the Spring Game 03 while he was standing on the sideline. He wasn't even watching the game as much as he was yacking on his phone every five minutes.
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Its just a picture fellas....

I dont like that picture at all, they look like a bunch of thugs to me. Call me old school but i only like pictures of my team looking like stiffs.

JIMOTIS......I think the boys were just having fun for the camera, we all have done it before. As long as its not something that makes it on the field, I am old school or old fashioned also, but kids will be kids and thats what these guys are, let them have some fun.

:osu2: :osu3: :bigten: :bigten2:
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