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Linebackers Going Deeeeeeep!

You're getting it Silver.

Here's another tip. This is the link you posted. I changed the "[" and "]" brackets to "{" and "}" respectively so that you can see it without the system tying to use it as code.


After the first set of brackets you can place a title, like this ...

{url=http://www.theozone.net/football/2004/fallcamp/threefour.htm}Linebacker Article at the Ozone{/url}

That would display like this ...
Linebacker Article at the Ozone

If you just want to place the link without any title, just type the url and the board will automatically convert it to a link (don't use the quote marks). So this ...


Becomes this ...
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Silverbullet said:
Sears, its possible Ive done a little over the years.

By chance are you going to the HS game tonite vs Wayne Trace
Unfortunately I moved away from Paulding a few years back. I was excited though when I heard the news that we were finally playing an intra-county team. I think we played Antwerp last year or the year before too.

I wish we would have played WT in football back when I was HS. I would have loved to play against Tyson Goings.
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I graduated in '96. I actually dated a WT girl for a few years.

I was skimming.. and missed the Wayne Trace reference.. So I just assumed "WT" meant White Trash... And I thought... man, that's pretty harsh.. lucky you got rid of her...
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Then, I guess the thing I have, but am usually loath to admit, for Tonya Harding is bad? :biggrin: Damn, that IS way off topic. How about this: I think Tonya Harding could start at linebacker for Indiana, but not make the two-deep at tOSU.
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