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Wears Scarlet-colored glasses
I was really surprised by this, I didn't expect him back this year. It only took him like 9-10 months to recover from TJ surgery. Anyway, he's apparently done, he went 5, struck out 6, gave up 1 run. Bucks up 3-1 going to the bottom of the 6th.
Does anyone know what kind of pitch count do they have him on? I know in recent years pitchers have been returning sooner from TJ surgery than in the past, but 9 months is awfully quick.
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Here is a nice little article from the dispatch. It says that he had a 70 pitch limit and he threw 66.

Buckeyes’ loss eased by Lewis’ strong outing
Monday, April 12, 2004

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Scott Lewis has been a Cool Hand Luke type pitcher since his days at Washington Court House High School.

Yesterday, however, he was nervous before Ohio State’s Big Ten game against Purdue at Lambert Field. Less than a year ago, he underwent surgery to replace a ligament in his left elbow, and doctors told him recovery could take as long as 15 months.

Once the game started, Lewis again was cool and cunning in giving up four hits, one run and no walks and striking out six in five innings in the Buckeyes’ 5-4 16-inning loss.

"Before I warmed up, it was nerve-racking," said Lewis, who had a 70-pitch limit and threw 66. "I didn’t know how my arm would feel. Then I got to the bullpen and it all came naturally. It definitely felt good to get back on the mound. It was coming up on 10½ months."

Last May 16, Lewis suffered a torn ligament in his left elbow against Minnesota. He underwent surgery 13 days later.

Coach Bob Todd and pitching coach Pat Bangtson have brought Lewis along slowly. He pitched in two practice games and several simulated games before yesterday’s start.

Purdue’s only run off Lewis came in the third when Andy Dahl led off with a homer. Lewis still found plenty of holes in his game.

"The curveball still needs some work and the fastball must come around," he said. "This is like spring training for me. But I think I am a little ahead of schedule. The doctors told me that I probably wouldn’t be 100 percent until this time next year. I’m not quite 100 percent."

Whether Lewis joins the rotation as a second or third starter depends on how his elbow feels.

"There’s no question this is a big first step for Scott," Todd said. "We’re taking this very, very slowly. But he did show great command with three pitches again."

Ohio State (13-13, 5-3) blew a 4-1 lead when Simon Klink hit a three-run homer off Trent Luyster in the eighth inning.

Purdue (13-14, 4-4) won it on an error by second baseman Drew Anderson with a man on third
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Here's another good write-up about Lewis' return (could we please get the kid a real hat)......

OSU’s Lewis won’t rush full-time return
Left-hander may or may not pitch against Michigan State
Mark Znidar


The competitor inside All-American lefthander Scott Lewis wants to rejoin the pitching rotation full time so he can help Ohio State win a Big Ten championship.

The voice of reason tells Lewis that he must listen to the elbow that underwent reconstruction surgery last May 29.

That’s why Lewis doesn’t know whether he’ll pitch against Michigan State this weekend despite giving up four hits and striking out six in five innings in his season debut against Purdue on Sunday.

"You can’t rush this kind of injury," Lewis said. "This basically is still rehab for me. I’m playing it by ear and seeing how it feels. If I run into any pain, I’m not going to risk it. I don’t want to tear it up and have to start all over again."

Yesterday, Lewis said his left arm was sore in the biceps and triceps area from throwing 66 pitches against the Boilermakers. The elbow, he said, felt fine.

"(The soreness) is more muscle stuff," he said. "I’m not in good shape yet. (The soreness) is like lifting weights in conditioning."

Pitching coach Pat Bangtson said Lewis, a junior from Washington Court House, will know more about his status after throwing on the side today.

"With Scott, it’s going to be day to day," Bangtson said. "We’re leaving it up to him because only he knows how he feels."

Coach Bob Todd said the staff is being cautious to the point where Lewis won’t pitch in cold weather or if he doesn’t feel just right.

If Lewis does pitch this weekend, he’ll likely start one seven-inning game of a double-header Saturday and be limited to 60 to 70 pitches. No matter how many innings Lewis pitches, he’ll be elated because "I actually feel like part of the team again."
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